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Founded in 2012 by Andreas Lechner as a Blog, “Lechner News – The Technology News Channel” has found its way up to the top of Online Newspapers & Magazines. In 2015 the original blog was taken of the web and “Lechner News” started its being as Online Magazine. Finally in 2016 and with the introductions of new Top Level Domains our Magazine decided to move from to our new LechnerNews Domain.


Get your latest news on Technology, Internet of Thing, World Wide Web, Mobile, Apps, Photography, VR, SEO and other cool Tech stuff @ Lechner – The Technology News Channel.


“Technology IS IN THE Air, It is IN THE STREET, It is just everywhere we go. And because Technology HAS TO DO WITH IDEAS, THE WAY WE LIVE, WHAT we do and in the end what IS HAPPENING! Technology is not something that just gets invented, it is already around us and in us!”


by Andreas Lechner

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