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A defining attribute of photography is its literalness. The very nature of the technology seems to portray the world as it is rather than as a representation. Even when in camera and post production techniques are employed to alter what the camera sees, the images that are created either fool the viewer into believing that what is produced is a faithful description of reality or depend upon the presumed accuracy of photographic recording to produce an intellectual disconnect between what is expected by the viewer and what is being seen.

Rather than accentuate the reality of the photo, the images here describe photography as a representational art form as much akin to painting, drawing and sculpture as to traditional photographic techniques.

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    iamnotanumber8885 says:

    "Refreshingly different, serious about his art, unique: this is Larry. He has a vital part to play on Flickr in the timely debate about where photography ends and where digital painting begins. Some of the works in his “The Human Form” and “Still Life” sets are reminiscent of Patrick Caulfield or David Hockney, though Larry also has abstract work such as “Lines Of Force.” With a charm all of its own, Larry’s body of work is distinctive, fascinating and cool enough to ice up the Hudson River."

    December 11th, 2007

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    DHJ.V says:

    "Not the most common photographer on flickr, but one with a unique style. Very powerful graphic compositions which attract attention from the pool of thumbnails."

    August 24th, 2007

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    dre.e says:

    "lawroberts rocks. simple like that."

    October 5th, 2006

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    Martin's Pixels & Words & Resistance says:

    "certainly one of the more original and provocative image-makers on flickr...or elswhere."

    September 29th, 2005

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    Vida Morkunas (seawallrunner) says:

    "I love lawroberts' unique style and artistic rigour.

    His photographs appear nearly abstract and stripped of extraneous detail - however, they belie an nearly-obsessive attention to detail and deep knowledge of what is important, and what is left behind.

    I always look forward to new artwork in lawroberts' stream!"

    June 5th, 2005

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    Auntie K says:

    "I have admired Lawrobert’s images from the moment I saw his icon. The distinctive shape, smooth flowing lines and primary colors attracted me to his photo stream and have kept me coming back almost every day!

    His images contain the wonder of a child’s first experiment with shape and color They capture the startling beauty of girls in bathing suits, or the energy of a man touching his toes, or the serenity of a perfectly shaped tree. His extraordinary eye captures these wonders and his technique constructs them out of thin air for our delight! How does he do it? Magic, maybe? Enjoy!"

    May 20th, 2005

Lawrence Roberts
October 2004
New York City
New York City, United States
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