~ In The Shadows of Twilight ~
~ In The Shadows of Twilight ~ Mendocino Coast of CA

One of my great passions I must admit... sunsets! I don't believe I will ever get my fill of them, and it bugs me when people say things like... "You've seen one... you've seen 'em all..." I beg to differ, greatly! ;~) Each and very one is quite unique and so thoroughly enjoyable... I love to just loose myself completely in them, forgetting all worries... all stresses... leaving all my cares far, far behind me.... The only bad thing about a sunset... is that they just do not last long enough... going... going... gone... sighhhh.... But, I can always look forward to the next one fortunately, and I can always revisit that special moment in time again anytime I'd like in my photos....

My camera has become another appendage of my being I'm afraid to say... I believe this thing called photography has gone way beyond passion, obsession, addiction and absorption for me... truly ;~)

I hope you will join me on some of my past journeys by sampling some of the images I have posted here on Flickr...


You can find more images, etc. if you'd like by going here:



~ Western Dreamer ~
~*~LaWanda Wilson ~ a/k/a ~ Western Dreamer*~*
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My Gear: Canon 5D Mark II, Canon 5D, Canon 40D and Canon Rebel XTi 400D

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    MichaelArm says:

    "I have been observing photography by 'Western Dreamer' for a few years now and find her style extraordinary. She has a unique eye for

    I own a few of her prints and have purchased greeting cards of her images in the past. I know I will find more to purchase from her in the future. Her talent astounds and I would recommend her for any photographic venue. Her creativity and professionalism is bar none...the very best.

    Michael J Armijo

    August 20th, 2010

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    ♞Jenny♞ says:

    "LaWanda has been a contact of mine for quite some time now. How we came across each other's streams I no longer even remember, but I am sure glad we did.

    We have become good friends with the common passion for photography.

    Spend any amount of time on LaWanda's stream and you will definitely feel her passion and love for all she photographs. Whether it's family and pets, or nature's gifts like waterfalls and critters, to rodeo and flowers, LaWanda's stream has it all and in ways that no one else can duplicate.

    She brings her images alive with a unique eye and she looks for ways to compose her images that bring out the best of what she shoots.

    I'm lucky to have discovered LaWanda's stream and to have gotten to know her, first through her beautiful images and then finally in person. She is truly a gem of a person and one who has enriched my circle of good friends.

    Spend some time going through her stream. You will be glad you did. I know I am.

    Thanks for being such a good friend LaWanda. Genuine people like you are sometimes very hard to find."

    August 11th, 2010

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    Aspenbreeze says:

    "I'm so glad we found one another in this very large Flickr world! Wanda not only is a gifted photographer who uses both skill and imagination to produce her beautiful work but she is one of the kindess and best Flickr contacts you could ask for. We share so much in common with the type of country and photography that we love and I find her gentle spirit a joy to know!!!"

    September 24th, 2009

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    barbeals says:

    "LaWanda photographed our wedding, she did such a wonderful job! I have to start by saying she did this on the spur of the moment (so to speak as far as weddings go) she agreed to do it approx. 3 weeks before the wedding! I wish LaWanda could display alot of the photos she captured at the wedding and the reception. There is a picture of my maid of honor and bridesmaid that is so wonderful it should be submitted for "The best bridesmaid photo" to us it is just so perfect! She captured our wedding in a way that I don't think anyone else could have. There are photos I look at that just brings tears to my eyes and others that just mak eme laugh. LaWanda is a truly amazing photographer. I wish she still lived in Florida I would be asking her to take more photos. I don't think it matters what LaWanda photographs she has a talent that cannot be compared!"

    July 11th, 2009

November 2008
Now: Mt Shasta Region of Northern California.... Born & Raised: In the Tampa Bay region of Florida
I am:
Western Captures Photography
candid_captures [at] yahoo.com