Baby tranny, going through life at various rates of speed and enthusiasm. Lover of tranny cliches, impractical outfits and falling over.

Currently I'm mostly just dressing up at home, and for my friends' parties, but I think I might be getting out a bit more in the future.

I love it when people comment on my photos, but please try to be nice, OK?

Hint: not-nice things include propositioning me, regardless of how nicely you think you're asking.

Let me just repeat that: do not try to get into my knickers. Seriously. Future offenders will be mocked in public.

Also: penises in photostream → instant blocking for you!

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    leg lover 82 says:

    "I meet Lauren for the first time at sparkle this year in the AXM bar. From chatting to her i can see she is a very keen and warm person who will make a great friend and has a cracking taste in clothes as well. It was great to chat to you and your partner. Hope to see you both again soon.


    June 30th, 2008

Lauren Close
February 2007
London, UK
I am: