I am a a free culture advocate

an electoral reformer (during #elxn42 Bob Jonkman's campaign Manager)

a film maker and serendipitous photographer

but most importantly a self publishing novelist with my own Libreleft Books imprint


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and even read my debut novel, Inconstant Moon serialized here.




My candid photographs of people in the public eye; performers, politicians, demonstrators, are always the best photographs possible. When taking photographs of people, audiences and crowds in public, I am mindful of personal privacy, and endeavour to respect the privacy of private individuals.


If you are unhappy with any identifiable image of yourself pictured here, please contact me (laurel.l@russwurm.org) I will undertake to remove the photo or obscure such images of private citizens. (And as those in the public eye are people too, I will also seriously consider doing the same for them.)


If you see me photographing an event you are attending, and would prefer not to be photographed, please let me know before I take your picture.



All my own photographs are released with a Creative Commons Attribution license (or dedicated to the Public Domain via Creative Commons CC0)

Sometimes I upload public domain works I have remixed in some way, and other times I apply a Public Domain Mark to public domain work.

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