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thank you for your interest in my photography.

i stumbled into the world of photography by accident. self-taught, i enjoy the challenge of trying to capture and create beautiful images. every day offers an opportunity to learn something new and a new chance to photograph something beautiful and special.

raised on a farm outside of the small town of new glarus, wisconsin, i spent most of my formative years in madison, wisconsin (which i still consider home) and throughout much of the american midwest, but find myself now living away from there with steve, the world's smartest cat. if you don't believe me, just ask him.

at the moment my base of operation is havre, montana; a small town only 40 miles south of the canadian border but within striking distance of banff and jasper national parks, glacier national park, yellowstone, the great plains, and many other beautiful places, people and things. soon i will leave havre and continue with my voyage across the western united states. when i'm done i hope to also visit washington, oregon, idaho, california, nevada, utah, arizona, south dakota, wyoming, colorado, and texas.

having already traveled through much of the united states, i still love and appreciate the beauty unique to wisconsin, but at the moment i love photographing the american west. a right brain person who worked many years in a left brain job, photography has become a means for me to stoke my creative fires and share with others how i see the world through my eyes.

now I am a professional photographer and photojournalist specializing in commercial photography, western photography, regional stock photography, travel photography, and especially montana photography. i work primarily for ad agencies, newspapers, magazines, and corporate clients.

i hope you enjoy looking through my photographs. if you have any questions please be sure to let me know. otherwise you can follow my day-to-day adventures on facebook. i hope to see you there.

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my phone: (406) 282-1718

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    save it for a rainy day says:

    "Todd Klassy has a unique ability to take the natural in Wisconsin and render it supernatural.

    His pictures always contain unique perspective, sublime composition and eye-popping color.

    Through his lens, Wisconsin and the American Midwest are transformed into magic.

    I consider Todd Klassy to be the premier photographer in Southern Wisconsin."

    30th August, 2009

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    Painted Light says:

    "Todd has inspired many people, not only though his imaginative photography and careful attention to detail which has rendered many wonderful examples of his artistic abilities but Todd Klassy is a man of character.

    As a result of his dedication to sharing his knowledge and best practices, there are many who have benefitted from his tireless generosity and dedication to the art of photography."

    21st August, 2009

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    WisDoc says:

    "I have been an admirer of Todd Klassy’s photography for several years now. As a fellow Wisconsinite, I am always looking forward to seeing what wonderful beauty his camera has captured of our beautiful state. To me, he has captured much of the essence of our state’s beauty – its majestic farmlands, the delicate beauty of a Wisconsin winter, the intricate architecture of buildings in Madison and Milwaukee. To me, his work is very inspiring. He sees and expertly captures beautiful scenes that many people including myself might take for granted. For example, I’ve lived in Madison for over 10 years, and yet, when I look through his photographs, I realize that there is more beauty to places that I might have walked past everyday. Besides his obvious talent for being able to capture a beautiful scene, he is also very eager to share his knowledge. He has been a regular contributor to photographic discussion here on flickr and on other websites and I have learned quite a bit just from looking through his photostream. I understand that recently Todd has made photography his occupation. I wish him the best of luck in his latest endeavor. Todd certainly has the talent to excel as a professional photographer, and I’m sure that many people will eventually (if not already) consider him one of the best photographers in Wisconsin and beyond!"

    11th August, 2009

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    Robert Windel says:

    "Ironic that Todd's last name is Klassy, because his work rings of just that: true class! He is the photographer we all aspire to become. His images encapsulate the beauty around us that most pass by without noticing, and that us fellow photographers struggle to capture. The purity of his work is motivating, and distinguishes him apart from the vast sea of photographers out there today. And like most who are confident in themselves and their work, he is modest towards compliments, and helpful to those who seek answers. From composition to exposure to contrast and saturation, he nails it every time. Thanks for the inspiration, Todd!"

    11th August, 2009

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    AndyN111 says:

    "what comes to my mind about Todd Klassy's photography? Exposure, color, sharpness, composition and style.

    Exposure: perfect. Color: accurate, bold and bright. Sharpness: smooth and cut-throat sharp. Most importantly, composition: spontaneous, free, and unconventional, which gives him his distinctively optimistic and journalistic style.

    Those are the ingredients for great photography. As an amateur photographer, I admire his photography and his hard-working and professionalism. As a Flickr's member, I come here to be inspired and to learn, and to continue being amazed by his pictures!!!

    Happy shooting, my man!!! :)"

    10th August, 2009

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    de|me|tris: says:

    "Todd's images are stunning, iconic and original.
    I have enjoyed looking at his work over the years as we have also enjoyed a professional partnership as administrators of the 5D group.
    Todd's advice to other Flickr users was always salient, straightforward and to the point. His honesty and no nonsense attitude carries through to his photography.
    I wish him all the luck in his new career as a professional photographer, although with his eye for wonderful images and honest approach I'm sure he won't need any.
    Peter Demetris"

    10th August, 2009

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    Mingfong says:

    "Todd's images capture my mind in so many wonderful and incredible ways. There is a unique sense of order embedded in the beautiful images he made. This has somehow becomes his trademark for me and I think critics will say that is the "Klassy (Classic) Style." More than that, his pursuit of perfection makes him a photographer who constantly interrogates photographic elements in order to recreate images that surpass the seeing and viewing we are used to. Over the years I have known him, he has been recreating himself and his art. I know his dedication to photography will definitely keep the evolution going strong and well. He is a respectable and an exceptional photographer!"

    9th August, 2009

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    Keith Taylor Photography says:

    "Todd has a particular ability to not only recognize the beauty that surrounds each of us on a day to day basis -- but then to record it in vivid color that is nearly impossible to pass by without stopping to take the time to admire. In addition to this he seems to have a clear understanding about how to get these colors to reproduce accurately both on screen and in print - this being just as important as the capturing process when shooting commercially."

    9th August, 2009

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    mizz maze says:

    "I first came across Todd's photos when searching for pictures of Wisconsin for a book project. I became an instant fan of his clean, beautifully composed images. Each one tells an important story and leaves you wanting to see what you'll see from him next."

    9th August, 2009

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    carolyn_in_oregon says:

    "I first found Todd's photos while looking through photos of Wisconsin to feed the nostalgia for my former home. I was hooked instantly. I've immensely enjoyed his travel photos, particularly to the Pacific Northwest, my new home. I love how he captures the simplicity, the essence, the very core of a place with uncluttered images and striking photographs. I always look forward to what will appear next on his Flickr page!"

    8th August, 2009

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    pexy says:

    "I stumbled on to Todd's images a few months back and was amazed at how varied his shots were and the pure quality of each. Compared to a lot of 'flickr-ites' (myself included) Todd seems to produce exceptional images without having to go through the motions of extreme processing. This I can gather from just viewing them. I maybe wrong, but that's just how it appears to me. (he'll have to let me know if I am wrong). Either way, his photos are a joy to behold."

    8th August, 2009

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    CardenPhotography says:

    "Todd has an incredible way of recognizing and then capturing the stuff in the world around us, often with a very unique perspective."

    4th February, 2006

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    SaundraG says:

    "I am stunned by the beauty of Todd's work. It is simultaneously bold and subtle, unique and familiar, crisp and soft. Viewing each set in slide show format is a must!"

    4th January, 2006

Todd Klassy
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