Laskeek Bay Conservation Society (LBCS) is a grass-roots not-for-profit organization that has been active in conservation work in the Haida Gwaii archipelago (Queen Charlotte Islands) for 20 years. We provide volunteer and educational opportunities for people to help conserve the marine and terrestrial ecosystems in and around Laskeek Bay.


LBCS’s field research station on East Limestone Island allows volunteers and local students to gain hands-on biological research experience in a wilderness setting. We collect data on seabirds, with our main focus on the Ancient Murrelet, a small seabird listed by the Committee on the Status of Endangered Wildlife in Canada (COSEWIC) as of “Special Concern” – meaning they have certain characteristics that make them particularly sensitive to human activities or natural events. Research methods are taught to volunteers and students by two field biologists and our work is guided by a Science Advisory Committee, headed by world-renowned seabird biologist Tony Gaston. Our data is published annually; the LBCS science reports are available in pdf format from LBCS also monitors other seabirds and shorebirds, marine mammals, cavity nesting birds and we keep an inventory of plants on East Limestone Island. The field research station is active from May through July each year but we also have an office in Queen Charlotte which is open year-round.

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