Vision is an act of creation. The sensual world of humans is created in their brains. Art is the interpretation of that creation. Art has valence or it is not art. The word “art” has valence and important to all those who take part in the greatest expression of what it means to be human. Culture is the current arena for human evolution.

Cyberhead strives to find the immutable essence of everything in the world through the alchemy of transformation. Art is the crucible of choice for Cyberhead. The titration of elements of the concrete reality we live in. The first target of our journey is the transformation of self. We paint and alter our face in the fashion of early mankind to force the observer to begin to ignore the surface manifestation of the given identity we assume through visual clues and begin the process of really “looking” to see if they can begin to recognize who or what is standing before them. Whether it is presented on canvas or computer monitors this is the beginning of wisdom. What you see is not necessarily what you get.

Cyberhead plans to storm the very foundations of the corrupt and venal system of commodity art and bring it back to its shamanistic roots. Art is here to transform, shock, and create the semi divine awareness of where we stand in the universe.

I take great pleasure in doing reviews of other peoples streams and have a set called photostream project. There you will see some of my thoughts on their work. Each one is important to me and I also enjoy the act of writing. Look to see more writing and photography related projects in the future.

I have two stores now*

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    Gail Orenstein says:

    """""Wow-what a wonderful surprise! Larry's photos are like a travel adventure. The shots are are very unique-one minute you are in a the very dark contrast that shadows his portraits and the next minute your in a bright beautiful space I think the site is more like a photo journey. It is one I have enjoyed taking and will continue to come back for the ride. A super image trip!"""""

    October 1st, 2006

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    photoni says:

    "I love its icon &
    Se non ci fossero persone come lui che se ne fregano altamente di quello che pensano gli altri, avrei abbandonato Flickr da molto tempo.

    June 12th, 2006

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    75' says:

    "Larry's a gem; plain & simple..with a heart of gold & a mind to behold..this fellow's art is sure to lead you down a path of friendliness & delight! Of the same vain as Basquiat, Warhol, Harring, and the like...he's a "hanger-onger" of the last sweet (& distinguished) period of modern american art. Larry's definitely become a "friend". Yes, of course, it seems silly announcing an "internet friend"..but what can i say?...A good fellow you feel akin to is just that. Just happens to live across the way, ya' know? I thank Larry for his constant stream of visual reflections...his "across the way" companionship...and all else that will be. One day...i'll meet this guy in the big city. One day i'll give him a painting of my own & congratulate him on being such a terrific artist & human being!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    December 28th, 2005

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    AsianInsights says:

    "If I had the time, I'd like to write a comment to just about every one of your pictures. You are amazingly creative - a true joy to flick through your albums!"

    November 21st, 2005

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