I’m no Herb Ritz nor do I ever expect to be. I am just a guy with a digital camera who takes as many photos as he can. I tend to focus on architecture, signs and other random elements of life. I find that my enjoyment comes from the multiple layers of abstraction that I get through these digital images. First there is the image that I feel compelled to capture with the camera. That’s followed by the actual image that I capture, which is not always the same whether that’s because of shaky hands, bad lighting or something else. Finally, when I create my final print, I often add a third layer by how I crop the image and eventually how I present it. Anyways, I hope you enjoy them.


To see more of my photography visit: larrybradshawphotography.com


For more information about me, please see www.larrybradshaw.net.


If you are interested in purchasing any of the photos on the site, please contact me.

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