Yet another hack with a D70 that paid too much money for a camera I don't know how to use.


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I have some other neglected side projects too.


I enjoy both notes and tags on my photos, although I do ask that they be funny and meaningful (no spam please).


Feel free to use my pics according to the CC license terms as marked.


Actually, PLEASE use my pics (according to the license terms). Please? Pretty please? I'm all about getting my pics the widest distribution possible.

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glistening range (deleted)

Parl had an epiphany: "That darned LarimdaME#!@ he's a totally bueno photographer in disguise!" *parl shakes his fist at the sudden realization of it all*

March 20, 2007

If Flickr hadn't existed, LarimdaME would have willed it into existence by his pure Flickrness. The dude has an awesome sense of humour, sweet fan-art schwag, a killer camera, and, most importantly, the wherewithall to kick the ass out of its potential. He rules.

June 16, 2005
churl says:

I'm his brother so I have to say something nice. For all his posturing, he's actually quite good with a lens, and that makes sense, since he knew about f stops before I learned what 7x7 was. I'm sure the next time I see him, he'll be comparison shopping light metres and regaling me on the glories of slide film.

April 27, 2005

LarimdaME's self-deprecating humor makes for some of the funniest reading on Flickr. Oh, and his photos don't suck, either.

March 4, 2005