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There are 4 things you cannot recover in life: the stone after its thrown. the word after its said. the occasion after its missed. the time after its gone!
Forever Capture Time in a shot!

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“To be a photographer, one must photograph. No amount of book learning, no checklist of seminars attended, can substitute for the simple act of making pictures. Experience is the best teacher of all.
And for that, there are no guarantees that one will become an artist.
Only the journey matters.”

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Hugh Jackman was in my hometown & I was able to capture some amazing photos. Please click the link below to view. (Hugh Jackman)
Hugh Jackman,,,Sleeveless/Cut Off

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Macro Madness, a LARGE passion of mine!
Living on the Edge

Reflect in a Sun Bloom

Facts of Life

"I have been a witness, and these pictures are

my testimony. The events I have recorded should

not be forgotten and must not be repeated."

Me,,, HMmmm well I am an Inspiring photographer and have been taking pictures for 35 years on MANY different cameras. I started out on a Minolta XG1, 35mm film & moved onto my 1st Digital PS Kodak 443, then to a Digi Sony PS which I still have & use on occasion. I bought a Fuji FinePix S100fs over 3 year's ago & love what I am able to achieve with this camera but on March 1, 2011 the Canon T3i came out on the market & I HAD TO HAVE! Camera, Flash, Remote & 2 lens's later I have an awesome setup to continue with what I love.

Other than that I am a FULL time Mother at home due to 3 herniated disks in my neck which photography sometimes is difficult. But it is my passion!
I reside in Michigan, the 4 Season state in one day!
Me & my Husband have a Teenager, 1 Cocker Spaniel, Fish & a LARGE Landscaped yard FULL of beautiful flowers. If you see more flowers than anything in my PhotoStream then you know where one of my other passions come from.

I WOULD appreciate ALL the Positive & Negative feedback I can get on ANY of my photos!
I am always trying to strive to be better & have many contacts that are much better than me & can be considered Professional and make me aspire to be the same.
I love life & look at many things in a different eye!

"I discovered that this camera was the technical means in photography of communicating what the world looks like in a state of heightened awareness. And it's that awareness of really looking at the everyday world with clear and focused attention that I'm interested in."
- Stephen Shore

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"I like nonsense, it wakes up the brain cells.
Fantasy is a necessary ingredient in living,
It's a way of looking at life through the wrong end of a telescope.
Which is what I do,
And that enables you to laugh at life's realities."
Dr, Seuss

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    GollyGforce - Living My Worst Nightmare says:

    "We've been friends for over 30 years and she has always had a knack for photography. I have seen thousands of her shots over the years that were very good to excellent, and I appreciate how much her enthusiasm and talent has helped rekindle my own passion over the past year.
    What impresses me the most about ladydragonflycc's work is her natural talent for portraying people. Her ability to capture the moment, emotion, and personality is a true gift. I know of 2 different local professional photographers that have made similar comments to me, and rate her ability with people above their own. Many of the people shots in her sets as of this post do not reflect the talent I have seen. I hope she shares more samples of her work from past sessions so you can decide for yourself."

    November 18th, 2009

November 2007
Mason, Michigan
I am:
Female and Taken
Christine Cimala