On January 1, 2009, I picked up my camera. It had been a long time since I had taken pictures, but I was no longer able to ignore the creative energy that was building inside of me. On that day, I started a 365 Day self-portrait project where I pledged to take a self-portrait every single day for an entire year. My goal was to learn and grow as a photographer and to gain an outlet for expressing myself.

My life changed on that day. No, that’s not true. I changed on that day and I have never been more grateful or fulfilled.

and so i go...

I am so grateful for those of you who visit my stream and comment. If you have added me as a contact, thank you! I try to keep my contact list intimate, so drop me a FM if you'd like to make a connection.

I am here to learn. Constructive, honest critique is always welcome on my photographs.

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    brookeshaden says:

    "Christine, my best flickr friend turned real life friend :-)

    I want the world to know you for so many different reasons. Your art is beautiful and expressive and raw. You as the artist are so woven into your art, not in the sense that it is autobiographical, but in the way that you put so much of yourself into them that they shine inside and out. Your photos, especially your Ttv work, is unlike anything I have come across. Phenomenal concepts, interesting camera angles and DoF - there is something new in every portrait. You have this understanding of the world around you, and the context in which you are placing your photos, and that makes them even more enthralling. I find it exciting to look at your photos and know that they have important historical relevance, especially being self-portraits and because of the themes that they deal with.

    You make people think, you make us all stop in our tracks and look again (and then again and again) until we find many layers of meaning. That is a rare gift.

    The world has something to learn from you."

    February 16th, 2010

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    futbolrulz14 says:

    "I saw some yoga photos of Christine's and then started exploring more of her photos. She definitely has a great talent that was given to her and she knows how to utilize that talent!!! She displays so many different moods in her photos. She is a very kind soul and great person that I have gotten to know here on Flickr. I would strongly recommend that others check her photostream out. You will be glad that you did."

    October 30th, 2009

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    catklein says:

    "Christine's photos make me gasp. And that's a good thing. She is a truly talented, deep, and lovely soul. It comes clearly across. She inspires many."

    July 23rd, 2009

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    ::big daddy k:: says:

    "I discovered Christine's work a few months ago and am a daily follower. She has an amazingly creative mind and beautiful soul that are so evident in every shot that she takes. Her self portraits are so emotional and expressive that no words are needed for the viewer to interpret them and feel them. As great an artist as she is, she is an even greater person... true to herself and others and exceptionally strong and passionate. Yeah, I think she is great."

    July 21st, 2009

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    sara*teresa says:

    "If there's anyone I'm overdue to write a testimonial about it's Christine. What an eye, what a perspective, what a work ethic! With some photographers, you can't avoid seeing the passion because they cannot contain it, it's this way with Miss Ladybugrock. With every photo you can see her striving to out-do herself and push herself just that much further.

    Bravo my dear. Talent, drive, determination, passion. You've got the whole package! ♥"

    July 16th, 2009

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    JustCallMe_♥Bethy♥_ says:

    "i find it so hard to think of original things to say on these. But with Christine, her work is so original and beautiful, it seems easy. Everything she posts, is, as i said , original, and just stunningly beautiful. I look forward daily to see what she comes up with next. I am so glad to have found her stream, and to have found her as a friend :) xoxoxox"

    June 25th, 2009

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    JordyR says:

    "so, I almost don't know what to say about Christine, simply because I am still sort of reeling from the surprise of her stream. I stumbled on ladybugrock pretty early on during her 365, and I quickly realized there was something special about who she was and what she was doing. And, then, like maybe a week later, I was even more than intrigued, I was sitting in front of my computer shaking my head and going "wow." And, a week later, the wow had turned into amazement. And, a week later amazement had simply morphed into awe. She gets it right every time, her expressions, her body, her surroundings, her props ... but more just who she is. Yeah, now pretty much awe has settled in and it seems like it will stick around for a while.

    That's Christine's pics. And, that's only part of what you get from her. I also think she is a pretty damn special person. Artist, spiritual, thoughtful, unique.


    June 3rd, 2009

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