Mostly I like hanging out with my pets.(two greyhounds, two cats) I own a small niche-market business called Silver Sea.That takes up alot of my time. A small business can run you ragged at times. I have several hobbies that keep me out of trouble, I participate in historical re-inactment and work with homeless and at risk youth. I love my greyhounds, they are definately ambassa-dogs for the plight of the greyhound. I would like to see all greyhounds live a better life and have a happy future- one day, a future without dog-tracks and abuse.

Adopting greyhounds has been the most rewarding thing in my life- I love them dogs! Lace was my first greyhound and I had the fortune of knowing her for 10 years. As best as I understand it (even though it's BEYOND comprehension)- Lace was found in a dumpster at a truckstop clubbed over the head and nearly dead. This little BEAUTIFUL angel had a will to live- and live she did. Her lifespan is estimated at 15 years. (The vets thought she was 3 or so when they examined her. A friend had her for 2 years, I had her for 10)

She had a lifelong seizure disorder, and it took a bit of time for her to really feel at peace. The vets said the seizures would get her in the end, but they didn't. Hemagiosarcoma cluster in her upper GI tract was the one that couldn't be fixed. I figure, the asshats that threw her in that dumpster didn't win because the seizures didn't take her away from me. I didn't know what it was to be complete until she became my best friend. Her legacy is that for the rest of my life, I will adopt greyhounds and spoil the heck out of them.

My greyhounds are named Rider and Opal. They are pretty darn cool....Please comment about how cute they are...I'll tell them about it :)

-Mizz Lizzie

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