My Name is Thomas Nemcsek and I was born in 1976. I live in Austria in a small town near Linz (Upperaustria) with my wife and my two kids. My bun I earn as an IT-Technician.

I started photographing 2008 and since then I am addicted to it. Meanwhile I spend every free minute with photographic work and studies. Unfortunately I can not spend so much time for this as I would like to spend, but that makes also some projects exciting.

My first contact with Urban Exploring was an article in the year 2010 on a photowebsite and I was deeply impressed of the shown HDR photos from abandoned buildings. At that moment I decided that I want to learn to make such impressive photos of decay. Technically I am moving on HDR and long time exposures, but I also love the classic black/white photography.

Contact: office[@]

All photos from me are under Creative Commons License: Attribution 3.0 Unported. That means that you can share it, remix it or use it for commercial work. You only have to attribute me an my website (

You can download the Full Size Photos from here. If there is no Full Size Version online, write me a short mail and I will upload it.

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  • LPH_Washroom by Haki_1977
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  • LPH_Chapel 1 by Haki_1977
  • LPH_Chapel 2 by Haki_1977
  • LPH_Wheelchair by Haki_1977
  • LPH_Bathroom 1 by Haki_1977
  • LPH_Yellow Chair 1 by Haki_1977
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  • Kursk? by WolfiNim
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