About Kunstraum Richard Sorge:

Located in a romantically crumbling historic Berlin brewery, that host many art project spaces and studios, Kunstraum Richard Sorge reaches a young, and international audience, but adventurous discerning art lovers as well.

Kunstraum Richard Sorge's bountiful space is snugly hidden inside the building's Street-art covered walls. The industrial, monastical feel of the space creates a fitting ambiance to experience art.

Modeling itself after a - probably misguided - fantasy of egalitarian GDR exhibition practices, the artist-run space focuses its exhibitions on subversive crafts, club/vj culture, kinetic- and light art, queer/feminist art and subcultures.

Like the spy Richard Sorge, the art space's curators independently work from a marginal, yet cosmopolitan position to ultimately save the world.

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Exhibitions & Events:

April 28 - May 28:
Vorwaerts! - Socialism & Art
Gert-Jan Akerboom, Peeter Allik, Art-Erhaltung, Shepard Fairey, Heimatlose Volkskunst, Musk Ming, Jürgen Wittdorf a.o

Vorwaerts! Flyer (front)
From May 1, Berlin art space "Kunstraum Richard Sorge" presents the "Vorwärts!" exhibition on Socialism, covering its idealism, ideology, sexuality and aesthetics.
Participants stem from "socialist monarchy" the Netherlands, both historical sides of Germany, former involuntarily communist country Estonia, and exiles from Peru and China.

May 1-27, 2010, We-Fr: 1-6 pm, Sa: 3-7 pm. Opening: April 28, 7 pm

More info: www.kunstraumrichardsorge.org/vorwaerts

The opening reception (Wednesday April 28 from 7 pm) coincides with the Landsberger 54 Galerierundgang (gallery walk). The galleries & studios in the Old Brewery will open their doors, allowing visitors a peek into their work process and Spartan working conditions. It will be a good opportunity to discover emerging artists and musicians and to acquire art directly from the artist. The ambitious range of exhibitions and events last through the May 1 weekend and well beyond.
Drawing courtesy Gert-Jan Akerboom.

February 11 - March 18:
Nocturnes - Nightlife Photography by J.Jackie Baier
J.Jackie Baier - Cybersissy & Baby-Jane
"I'm doing more for the revolution by just walking down the street.."- Jackie Curtis, 1947-1985, transsexual playwright, actor/actress, Warhol superstar

In what may be the largest solo exhibition of the artist's work to date, all her important work groups will be presented, including the most current, Baier's already notorious "House of Shame" project. Like other artists before her, J.Jackie Baier will make some site-specific work at Kunstraum Richard Sorge.

J.Jackie Baier allows an unglamorized view of Berlin's underground, moving through the city's clubs, brothels, bars and streets, documenting in a wholly unvoyeuristic way the lives of transsexual prostitutes, drag queens and other "misfits".

Kunstraum Richard Sorge, Landsberger Allee 54, Berlin, Germany
Opening Reception: Thursday, February 11, 2010, 7 pm.
Closing Reception: Thursday, March 4, 2010, 7 pm.

Exhibition duration: 12.02 - 03.03.2010
Hours: Friday-Saturday 2 - 6 pm, weekdays by appointment.

November 28 - January 16:
Everything to More murals and drawings by Hiroki Otsuka
"everything to more" - Exhibition by Hiroki Otsuka at Kunstraum Richard Sorge
Berlin art space "Kunstraum Richard Sorge" presents a large exhibition of Japanese artist in NY, Hiroki Otsuka's drawings and murals. Hiroki, a well-known erotic Manga artist for more than 12 years, cooperates on Jeremy Wade's Manga-inspired Berlin theatre production "there is no end to more," which will later be presented at the NY Japan Society. On November 28, directly following the premiere performances of the piece in Berlin, Hiroki's exhibition will be unveiled at Kunstraum Richard Sorge.

In his drawings and paintings, Otsuka makes an elegant transition from erotic Manga to disturbing erotic fine art, applying intriguing gender twists to his uninhibited explorations of sexuality. His works "delve into our own experiences of the carnal; whether straight, gay, trans-gendered or otherwise, these works speak to the diversity of sexuality," curator and expert for Japanese modern art Eric C. Shiner has written.

October 10, 2009:
Mal dies mal das, mal hier mal da Véronica Lehner, installation, photography

September 22 - 27, 2009:
Berliner Kunstsalon art fair
Natasza Niedziolka, Musk Ming and Ai Kijima at 6. Berliner Kunstsalon
Kunstraum Richard Sorge presented confrontational Arts & Crafts and Neotrad art at the Berliner Kunstsalon Art Fair by Gert-Jan Akerboom, Peeter Allik, Walter Bruno Brix, Ulrich Diezmann, Rinaldo Hopf, Severija Incirauskaite-Kriauneviciene, Garth Johnson, Astrid Küver, Ai Kijima, Charles Krafft, Nava Lubelski, Musk Ming, Natasza Niedziolka, Hiroki Otsuka, Sharon Pazner, David Rios Ferreira, Sztuka Fabryka, Johanna Schweizer, Hunter Stabler, Tulip Enterprises & Georg Weise.

September 24 - October 7 2009:
No Worry, Richard international group show
"Grateful Dead" Installation by Kenno Apatrida at Kunstraum Richard Sorge
Feat. Iva Vacheva, Adam Bogati, Paula Bogati, Chris Hartschuh, Marie-Lou Desmeules, Kenno Apatrida, Iwona W. Kowalczyk and Aleksandra Chaberek.

July 8 - August 31 2009:
Dream Watching Drawings and murals by Gert-Jan Akerboom

Dream Watching - Drawings & Murals by Gert-Jan Akerboom at Kunstraum Richard Sorge Berlin

Kunstraum Richard Sorge is proud to present the first large overview in Germany of Dutch artist Gert-Jan Akerboom’s ink drawings on paper. The artist executed several large murals, turning the presentation into an immersive experience.
Eschewing easily interpretable statements in his work, Gert-Jan Akerboom prefers ambiguous signals, dreamlike in nature; they can be interpreted in myriad ways, none of them right or wrong. His drawings take their energy from this unfixed, shifting view of reality, synthesizing precise observation and associative speculation about alternative possibilities.

Akerboom’s drawings are filled with the objects and themes that trigger his “dreamwatching” state of mind: Architecture, archeology, ruins, mystic or religious sites and ritual. Collaging the possibilities and impossibilities of these inspirations, wedding them with fragments of popular culture, like Manga, computer graphics and photography, the artist lets us witness candid, highly obsessive, painstakingly precise results that are proof of an unique sensibility and imagination.

April 29 - June 20 2009:
Strich & Faden II Crafts & Folklore-inspired Art
Strich & Faden Exhibition: Severija Incirauskaite-Kriauneviciene
The international exhibition series offers subversive travesties of craft and folklore and works that thematize Heimat (heritage), gender & identity in innovative or humorous ways.

Proudly featuring (a.o.)
Peeter Allik - Estonia (linocut/lithoprint)
Walter Bruno Brix - Germany (embroidery)
Ulrich Diezmann - Germany (painting)
Rinaldo Hopf - Germany (painting)
Severija Incirauskaite-Kriauneviciene - Lithuania (embroidery on scrap metal)
Garth Johnson - U.S.A. (recycled collector's plates)
Ai Kijima - U.S.A. (quilted collage)
Charles Krafft - U.S.A. (bread sculpture/ceramics)
Sztuka Fabryka - BE (Street-art)
Nava Lubelski - U.S.A. (embroidery & paper sculpture)
Natasza Niedziolka - Germany (painting)
David Rios Ferreira - U.S.A. (gouache)
Schalalala Knitting Circle - Germany (knitting/social sculpture/net-art)
Hunter Stabler - U.S.A. (paper cutting)
Tulip Enterprises - Netherlands/Germany (over painted vintage porcelain)
Georg Weise - Germany (painting)

The folksy German expression "nach Strich und Faden" means to do something thoroughly, with great artistry and precision, or according to the rules of an art or craft. In contemporary language the term has gained connotations of trickery, deceit and travesty: our belief in authenticity has gone. Travesty (in the sense of deceit and role playing) is a device present in many works in this show, either as an artistic attitude, or as a subject matter. The participating artists use it to subvert both the traditions of Art & Crafts and our expectations of art. While often humorous, works like these nonetheless make serious and inspired, often subtly political statements.

This new edition of Strich und Faden presents many outstanding representatives of the thriving US-american crafts-inspired art scene - some of which are shown in Germany (or Europe) for the first time - and presents them alongside their (Eastern) European colleagues. Strich und Faden II goes beyond ironic crafting, also incorporating conceptual and neo-traditional works on folklore, personal mythology and regionalism.

March 21, 2009:
with Jenny Graf, Zaïmph & Steven Warwick
Jenny Graf, Zaïmph & Steven Warwick Performances at Kunstraum Richard Sorge
Photo credit: Jenny Graf

January 26, 2009:
Lunar New Year Reception
Joint Lunar New Years Reception at Kunstraum Richard Sorge, Berlin by galleries and curators of the Old Brewery Berlin-Friedrichshain, Monday, 26 January 2009.

Lunar New Year's Reception at Kunstraum Richard Sorge Berlin

With 91QM, Kollektiv Berlin, Kunstraum Richard Sorge, STYX Project Space.

Art presentation with special lighting design allowing the simultaneous presentation of videos and paintings. Curated by Kunstraum Richard Sorge with paintings by E.M.C. Collard (center), Brendan Flanagan, Pete Wheeler and Nick Dewar (right), videos by Marco Giani (left), videos by Madeline Stillwell, collages by Kinya Hanada (Mumbleboy).

November 3 - 6 2008:

Kunstraum Richard Sorge at the 5th Berliner Kunstsalon
Presenting the Strich und Faden exhibition project.

Sept. 3 - October 8, 2008:
Strich und Faden - Heimat, Folk-art & Travesty (Part I)

The phrase nach Strich und Faden has its origin in the weaving craft and represents high artistry and exactitude. In contemporary German, it is mostly used in connection with deceit. The international group show Strich und Faden offers subversive travesties of folk art and folklore; documentations of contemporary tribal fashion codes; and works that thematize Heimat (regionalism), gender and sexuality in innovative and humorous ways.

Ari Versluis & Ellie Uyttenbroek/Exactitudes, Astrid Küver, Betty Stürmer, Cross stitch ninja, www.jeanulrickdesert.com/, Johanna Schweizer, Kathrin Schädlich, Mumbreeze (Kinya and Kao Hanada), René Schmalschläger, Sharon Pazner.

Johanna Schweizer

Cross-stitch ninja


Ari Versluis & Ellie Uyttenbroek/Exactitudes

Sharon Pazner

Rene Schmalschlaeger

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