My photostream is fairly stream-of-consciousness, and is probably a little dense for straight-through browsing. I'm trying to maintain monthly and yearly sets of my better and/or more interesting images from the eponymous time periods:


What's a kukkurovaca?

It's an in-joke having to do with Sanskrit translation exercises. It's pronounced "koo-koo-row-vah-cha." You can abbreviate it however you like.

Where's kukkurovaca?!

If I haven't posted anything lately, I'm probably asleep, or away from a computer. I'm probably not dead. If I'm away from a computer but in possession of my Peek, I may be updating twitter. (Note: My twitter account may include offensive language or ideas, and is not restricted to photographic topics. You have been warned.)

Update: I've also started blogging with Karl Gunnarsson at 1/125. At 1/125, we talk about good (or maybe on occasion interestingly bad) photography we find online or in the course of our reading, etc., as well as historical stuff and maybe occasionally a theoretical issue or two.

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    Edmontonenthusiast (gone!) says:

    "kukkurovaca is one of the most helpful Nikon Flickr users I've met. I really liked how he always helps people new to SLRs and is very patient with them. He is very knowledgeable and that really allows him to produce amazing photography both with film and digital. His photos are (definitely) professional quality :)!!"

    July 22nd, 2009

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    Badgeofthefather says:

    "Nick is an amazing photographer. He is also a natural teacher and an ambassador for our hobby to a whole slew of newbies. He has a wealth of knowledge that he manages to share without flaming or demeaning anyone. Most of all, he does what he does with outrageously inexpensive gear. As much as I covet the D3, it costs more than my first car did. Nick can hang with the best of these, and he does it on manual focus."

    July 29th, 2008

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