For now, I'll upload chronologically from my tests of the camera to China, to new and current photos.


Have fun and browse around. I believe photography is in the PHOTOGRAPHER and Patience, and NOT the camera! I believe there's not much of a point in putting your pictures online/onFlickr if you don't share them with others, especially to the public to use/edit/distribute/ADMIRE!


Flickr hasn't updated to the CC 3.0 licenses for some reason, but I put all my work under it, since it is currently the newest.


I license everything under Creative Commons: Share-alike and Attribution , so that Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons can use it. Also, if ANYONE wants to use the photos and would like the full/real-sized ones, notify me in some way or another and I can send you the original/best ones that I have. Also, I would appreciate it if you comment on the photo and provide me with a link, so that I can put it here on Flickr to redirect people to that page! If you're using it for something not in English, please also provide a description on what my photo was used for so that others can get an idea what it's about.


Creative Commons License

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.


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