I am an amateur photographer over the age of 21.


All of my pictures are licensed and shared under Creative Commons attribution only.


I have been honored to have my pictures used in books, magazines, websites, blog posts, souvenirs and even have a picture hanging in a Denny's Restaurant.


I always appreciate being contacted with requests for using my photos.


I actively participate in Google's Local Guide program maps.google.com/localguides/home and many of the photos I post are uploaded to Google Maps. #letsguide


I try to spend some time every day looking at recent uploads from my contacts. I value learning from all of their great pictures.


I curate my favorites and try to add new favorites every day.


Items and activity through this account may be cross posted to other accounts. Although accounts may also contain items that appear to be related to his employer, anyone attempting to link items to his employer are incorrect.

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  • JoinedAugust 2005
  • OccupationInstructional Technology Coordinator
  • HometownYpsilanti, MI
  • Current cityOutside Washington, D.C.
  • CountryUS
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