I am driven to create, but not to create more waste. I was buying supplies to make things, in the hope of making things, and ending with remnants that were either further horded or simply tossed. I wanted to keep myself accountable to using up the leftovers and to encourage others to do the same. Developing projects, patterns, and tutorials with the main focus being on using up those leftover craft supplies turned into my lifestyle. Still there was too much. Re-purposing it into kits allowed me to share and inspire using what was just taking up space, helping others to look to their leftovers once they saw what could be done with them. From the studio to the kitchen I always make a point to look what is on hand first before running to the store.

So what's Kro Studio? My mom called my work “Kristin Roach Originals” when I was a kid. I've been signing my work “Kro” (say “crow”) ever since. Krostudio.com is my blog where I post all about daily studio life as a full time artist: from creative bursts, balancing life and play and work, and anxiety driven procrastination.

Flickr what? I use flickr to host all my pictures for Craft Leftovers, Kro Studio, and other random studio stuff.

Skills and Techniques:
Illustration; oil and acrylic painting; pattern writing for knitting, crochet, sewing, and random fun crafty time projects; freelance writing; and community organizing.

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Kristin Roach
December 2005
Ames, USA
I am:
Female and Taken
Freelance illustrator and pattern writer
Craft Leftovers