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I am a lumpy humanoid 185cm tall with hair on top and sausage like appendages on the bottom of my pink manipulation tentacles. I occupy euclidean space mostly.

Also design, legals and paint projects. As you might guess im more of a paste guy (since the late eighties) - stencils on walls (not on posters of art objects) was another Candysnap influence. Most of my legals are stencil. People don't want paste on their garden walls - yet. Stickers and character throw-ups and murals are my other main line.

Have been avid political artist, poster guy, photographer of urban space/women/buildings/graff/freaks/other shit. Also was art guy and even manager for Entropy magazine - the last gasp of independent student media (that includes independent from any politician wanna-bees). Im currently teaching art after my 6month stint as curator at MAY'S lane.

Some of this work has been used in print (hardcover graff books, assorted mags) - i welcome invitations to get printed (as long as i at least get a copy or 2 and get asked and atributed).

Id like to thank God is dead, JB (Discord), Nanny Binx, Clawhammer, Casper (Bile Boy), KRS70/Terra, Dwippy, Candy Snap, Skape Goat, Spazza, Cloak and Dagga, Cadet, Bunkwaa, Tom666, Karen Eliot, Clara Tzara, Pixel, All the Movement (SMC, Squid, Felix, Vars, Skunk, Max, Ears, Hazzy B), Elfin, Subvert, Luther Blisset, Mickey Quick, Teazer, Hasslehoof, Tugi & MAY"S, Fetus, HIV Crew, Exersketch Kids, HaHa, Deb, Jota, and every one else who was ok to me.

Please let me know if I have any names wrong or missing.



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    Bunkwaa says:

    "It is said that, Chris, puts the pop into culture. Well, now he’s putting the lick back in to Flickr. On offer are a multitude of images of transgression. So beware. Once he has you in his tentacle grip you never be the same again. Chris lives with his wife Terry and daughter Bindi."

    September 6th, 2007

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    BAMCorp says:

    "Konsumerterra's real name is Luther Blissett although no one has told him/her that before. She/he is dangerous! Stay away."

    June 7th, 2007

December 2006
ACT, Australia
Starving Artist