I write and perform poetry in Low Saxon and in Dutch. I also sing my poetry together with jazz-pianist Boelo Klat.


In 2010 I started a collaboration with pianist Addy Scheele & bass-player Hans Lass. We perform American Jazz-standards in Low Saxon.


& I make photo's.


You can contact me at: volglas@gmail.com


Please don't give AWARDS to my photo's! Or flashy icons. A simple comment is good enough as it is.




Als was zij mijn vrouw (Uitgeverij kleine Uil. 2012)


Dubbel Glas - Ale gedichten (Uitgeverij kleine Uil, 2012)


belcampo bundel

Zo is t nait goan/Zo is het niet gegaan (Philip Elchers, 2009)

ISBN: 9789050481083


Stel je bent schilder/Say you're a painter (Philip Elchers, 2009)


Collaboration with painter Dolf Verlinden. Twelve poems about painting,

in Dutch and English.


n Klaain geboar/Een klein gebaar (kleine Uil, 2008)

ISBN: 9789077487600


Het getal hondje (kleine Uil, 2007)

ISBN: 9789077487457


De vangers van zummer (kleine Uil, 2004)

ISBN: 9789077487112




(kleine Uil, 2010) Low Saxon poetry from the Netherlands.


De 100 mooiste Groningse gedichten (kleine Uil, 2006)

Jan Glas & Jur Engels

ISBN: 9789077487280


De nije oogst (kleine Uil, 2007)

Jan Glas & Tonko Ufkes

ISBN: 9789077487464




Rilke Sieben (afdh Uitgevers, 2007)

Seven poems of Rilke translated in Low Saxon




(kleine Uil, 2010) Vocals: Jan Glas. Piano: Addy Scheele. Bass: Hans Lass


Glas&Klat (Eigen beheer, 2008)

Vocals, lyrics: Jan Glas

Piano, compositions: Boelo Klat


A selection of books containing my photography:


Woellust & Welgelegen (2007, kleine Uil) Cover and inside photography.


Motorrraria 2011, AFdH), cover and inside photography.


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