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I'm back to my old self! New identity until next time!


A mildly uninteresting person with a super uninteresting job trying to be more interesting by writing blogs, taking photos, playing toys, making things, and painting dolls.


Married in 2004 on my b-day to Song - someone who loves me, cherishes me, takes care of me, and most of all, put up with my doll/toy hobby. What more can I ask for? :P


Come visit my tiny blog and say hi! :D


Koalajoe Dream Talk


And stop by my store!


Craft related:

FoulFowl @ Etsy (Inactive for now)

FoulFowl(Inactive for now)


Doll related: Koalajoe Doll House


Ebay ID= koalajoe27




Working for 2 3 companies right now.






Body creme: Philosophy Inner Grace body lotion


Scents: Lush's Vanillary (turns plastic!!! D:) Tuca Tuca


New identity: You can call me PJario now. Don't ask. ToT


Game(s) I'm playing:


wii: Wii Party >,>


DS: Professor Layton and the Unwound Future


My wii code: 2017-1694-2127-4745



(Song wants to get a PS3 with PS Move! Shocking!)


Latest success story: I can fit in my sz1 Gap leather pants again! So glad I didn't sell them :O)


Latest splurge: A Rudsak leather jacket :X


My Love for Jojo




*note1: Not boob job! D: This flickr pro account!*

*note2: Love my sexy King of All Cosmos mustache? Hmmm? Hmmmmmmm?*

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PJ is the sexiest chick on the internet! :-P She won't admit that her DD boob job is the reason she hides her REAL identity online. If people knew what she REALLY looks like, they'd be shocked! Trust me, she's one of those famous HK actresses!

April 4, 2008

Peach Bun Bun is very fresh and juicy~. she is pink and hairy. err... what more can i say? she is good for your health. thank you.

March 26, 2008
Stan says:

Very smooth transaction!!! My Katamari ball arrived swiftly and in NRFPBOOAK condition. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!! AAA+++++++

February 21, 2007