[Nihilist: infinitum]


I write.


I am lucky enough to have beautiful children, who I love and adore.


I care about the world we share and I personally choose to have a low impact on the environment.


I am fascinated by quantum mechanics, string theory, M theory, general relativity and all aspects of our vast and wonderful universe through the great minds of physicists.


I will ALWAYS denounce ANY religion. I am sad to see the world being devoured by their belief systems that promote hate, lies and fear. I, along with many others will rise above the infestation of the religious institutions. I am not to be confused with a Wiccan or a Buddhist, nor am I associated with, or should be recognized as an affiliate of any religion.


I do not believe in god. [atheist-type]


I do not kill animals, nor do I condone the practice of animal genocide in any form for any reason, including consumption.


I am a vegetarian.


I like your full name. Sound it out with me...


Grow | Learn | Conserve | Preserve | Question | Denounce | Educate | Change | Free your mind |

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  • JoinedApril 2007
  • OccupationPhotographer
  • HometownNew York
  • Current citySedona
  • CountryUS


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