I took Photo11 12 years ago....that was the extend of me vs photography.


Until recently, when my son was born that I discover, hey, I like taking photos...and I also crave for the creating process.


So, brought a SLR in March 07, started my life in Digital Photography.


Then out of chance, I had started to do this as a full time job. My work range from Commercial to Wedding photography, but I have got to tell you my most favorite subject is still Aidan.


I use Lightroom 2 for all processing, and only open PS when I need to make a collage or combine 2 photos...


Photoblog: vivianchungphotography.wordpress.com/


My gear:

Canon 5D Mark ll


Lensbaby composer



Vivian Chung Photography (KJmeow). Get yours at bighugelabs.com


Got back into photography 2 1/2 years ago when my oldest son was born. I channel what I used to do in the darkroom with B&W film onto digital and lightroom. I enjoy it so much that I have a regular blog that offer lr preset.

I am now a full time photographer.



I WILL check every single person who favorite my photos, because I need to protect my client's and mine images. If you don't have anything on your photostream, chances are I will block and possible flag you for stealing photos. Flickr is a photosharing site, and let's keep it free of piratcy.

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