i'm a over the top collector of way too much cool stuff. i quess you could say that i'm antiques geek. i'm a bit of a renaissance woman.i can take things apart-and put them back together(and they work)i have more power tools then most people.('cept no backhoe,wahh).in house we restore works of art on paper or canvas.japanese dolls.furniture,clocks,non-electric lights,glass ,and porcelain.i also create and resell scale miniatures.

what i'm good at, i'm GOOD at. and what i'm bad at.....it's equally spectacular. (if you're ever in a car with me,never ever tell me to take a left. hey left -right is there a difference??) and we won't discuss my total inability to balance a check book.

we have a house (over) full of art, antiques,etc,etc. we also have a house full of fur children.

for miniatures and antiques look for us on ebay under the id:minirabbits

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  • JoinedOctober 2008
  • Occupationantique restorer/miniature artist/dealer in miniatures
  • Hometownsanta fe
  • Current citysanta fe
  • Countryusa
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permissible knee (deleted)

As a friend and client of tkm- I can attest with forthright certitude that she is a superb collector, dealer and conservator in the world of miniaturism...

September 16, 2011