I'm a non-traditional dimensional needle-felter as well as sculptor of oddjects from a variety of materials. My work populates private patron nooks and cubbies, cubicles and public galleries from here to Timbuktu. I've had a variety of educational experiences including a background in Computer Sciences, am a certified Drug and Alcohol Therapist and once did accounting for Ford Motor Company, none of which contribute one teensy-weensy bit to my current creative endeavors. Suffering from a life-long unbridled case of wanderlust, I've lived for many decades outside the USA in countries which include Mexico, Haiti and most recently New Zealand. I'm currently living a happy hermitty existence in the cultural wastelands of Goiter.

I also am a painter, 3D developer,...assorted other stuff. Actually, I'm fairly loath to speak about myself evidenced by a considerable lack of blog postings.
Most likely to find some work here www.kitlane.etsy.com
But, I'm migrating to a new shop here. Yay! :o) kitlane.bigcartel.com/
Nother place to find me but not often. plus.google.com/u/0/109709128374417029191/
twitter.com/kitlane <----day to day innocuous stuff
kitlane.tumblr.com <--adoration of others and a bit of personal edification :o)
@kitlane Twitter

A tiny portfolio of my work-> www.behance.net/KitLane

*PLEASE NOTE that all the objects and photos I make and display here are my own, original designs and style and are COPYRIGHTED - they may not be copied in style or form without my permission.*

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Subtext Gallery subtextgallery.com/shows/the-animal-in-me-prisma-collective/ from Feb 15th 2013
“Signs of the Apocalypse” www.spankystokes.com/2012/07/signs-of-apocalypse-group-ar... at My Plastic Heart on 08/03/2012
Dragatomi Plush-o-Rama s30.photobucket.com/user/SpankyStokes/media/plushorama_po... Nov. 2011
Gallery Hanahou www.galleryhanahou.com/ from March 3rd, 2011
ArtWhino www.artwhino.com from July 11
Bear and Bird www.tatescomics.com/bearandbird/ from July 18
Soo Visual Arts Center www.soovac.org
Bear and Bird www.tatescomics.com/bearandbird/ Nov 22, 09
Toys in the Attic www.toysintheatticshow.com/ Dec 4, 09

Show at Bear and Bird called "Peculiar Playmates" Aug 7th through Sept. 25th 2010. www.tatescomics.com/bearandbird/0810_peculiarplaymates/pe...
Newly started portfolio www.behance.net/KitLane so bear with me :o)

Note to self curvy-world.com/2012/08/tactile-temptations/

View my photos at bighugelabs.com

Jacabob MigrationMake yours @ BigHugeLabs.comhttp://bighugelabs.com/map.php

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    The Dolly Mama says:

    "Oh my gosh...I just noticed...I have never written my testimonial for Kit!!
    She is just the most lovely, kind, wonderful, creative AND TALENTED lady ever!! I started buying her art a while back..it is hard to remember BK (Before Kit) ..my life must have been so much more drab.. She has livened it up and made it sooooo fun and cheerful.. I am so grateful for knowing her and having furry bits of her in my home!! (Meaning felted art toys..in case someone is reading this and doesn't know) LOL>. I look forward to many years of watching her talents develop and grow and I am anxiously awaiting a book...She has her own language which is So much better than any I know!!!
    Hugs to Kit..."

    September 2nd, 2009

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    Bent Objects says:

    "Cute is an adjective that can be used in a derogatory way. It also is a word that is bandied about so carelessly that at times it is nearly meaningless. Nevertheless, there are times that the word is a perfect description. Kitgraphics little creations are the epitome of "Cute" to their very core, in the very best possible sense of the word.

    Tremendously enjoyable work."

    October 28th, 2008

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    Anna Denise says:

    "Kit Lane's little creatures are a source of great joy and laughter to me. I have looked through her photostream more than once now and am amazed by the endless stream of creativity and wit coming from this wonderful lady! Thank you for sharing your genius with the world Kit!"

    January 24th, 2009

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    westernartglass says:

    "Kit Lane is a larger than life beacon shining from the hinterlands with an easy grappling of the process of sifting and organizing words to describe her felted muses and her spatial constructs. She has more genuine life experiences than a quartet of gypsy galaxy globe hyper-stumpers. What I'm trying to say is, "How can you help falling under the spell of Kitty's witty wacky sublime subterfuge? How indeed!""

    July 9th, 2008

Kit Lane
March 2008
I am:
artist, crafter, 3D developer