Kuwait Institute for Scientific Research (KISR) was established in 1967 by the Arabian Oil Company Limited (Japan) in fulfillment of its obligations under the oil concession agreement with the Government of the State of Kuwait. The Institute was established to carry out applied scientific research in three fields: petroleum, desert agriculture and marine biology. KISR was organized by an Amiri Decree issued in 1973, under which it be came directly responsible, via its board of Trustees, to the Council of Ministers. The main objectives of the institute, as specified in the Amiri Decree, were to carry out applied scientific research, especially related to industry, energy, agriculture, and the national economy, to contribute to the economic and social development of the state and to advise the Government on the country's scientific research policy. An Amiri Decree in 1981 (law No. 28) formally established KISR as an independent public institution. The law specified that the Institute would be governed by the Board of Trustees chaired by a minister chosen by the Council of Ministers. The revised objectives of the Institute remain to carry out applied scientific research that helps the advancement of national industry and to undertake studies relating to the preservation of the environment, resources of natural wealth and their discovery, sources of water and energy, methods of agricultural exploitation and promotion of water wealth. The law entrusted the Institute with undertaking research and scientific and technological consultations for both governmental and private institutions in Kuwait, The Gulf region and the Arab World.

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