Additional bullet-format tidbits which are not included in my K is for Calligraphy Shop Profile:

• I have been a professional calligrapher since March, 2002; over six years
• I only use pointed pen nibs (the kind you dip), gouache and acrylic.
• Over half of my creations in my little etsy shoppe are made from paper scraps left over from my other day projects.
• I individually hand letter each one of my tags, greeting cards, ACEO art cards and signs
• I love paper and I love pens and I absolutely love anything that has adhesive!
• The 4 icons (the cat, the succulent, the Katydid, the ink bottle) which appear in my etsy shop banner (2 of which I use as my avatars) were originally printed from 4 hand carved lino cut stamps. I uploaded a couple of photos of my hand carved lino cut stamps; look in the 'Calligrapher's Tool Box' photo set to see!)
• I have a wonderful and silly kitty cat; her name is Necco (named after the chocolate Necco Wafers because her fur coat is 100% chocolate brown.) It was only after I named her Necco that a friend of mine informed me that 'Neko' is Japanese for cat. A bonus fun fact for Necco! Meow!
• I live over the hill and through the woods from Berkeley/Oakland in California
• I graduated from the University of Montana with a BS in Accounting and a minor in French (1997)
• Favorite Calligraphers: Bernard Maisner, Jean Larcher and David Singer
• Currently, I know 19 fonts/lettering styles; 9 of which I created myself. Their font names are: Brickle Paw, Bend it like Bickham, Iamink Pentalic, Revolution No. 9, Stir Frye, Stir Frye Sans, Seaside Script, Taracotta & Tech Hose A (I wish I knew someone who wanted to put my lettering styles into a computer user format for me to be able to sell themm to the public….hint…hint…anyone interested?)
• My favorite aspect about my job is being able to completely personalize all the small details of a wedding reception (e.g. Place cards, seating cards, table cards, favors, just married sign, menu, program of course in addition to the save the date and wedding invitation envelope!)
• My favorite quote: "I do not seek to ape the past, but to be as true to my own 'likes' as I can be. Inevitably this involves craftsmanship….I am not hung up about the regularity of letters: I am happy that there is unevenness in my letters because it is writing, and we are people, not machines. But IT IS NOT deliberate unevenness: it is that which comes naturally." (quoted by Richard Middleton. Printed in the January/February 2001 Print Magazine page 85)

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