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The "Friends" and "Family" thing - mine is a bit different; If I have something marked family only it is probably because it is just that a picture of family - and most of my family aren't into "risque" shots so any artistic nudes or other potentially restricted shots will probably be under "friends"

Due to the fact that I have discovered one of my pictures on a website I didn't give anyone permission to post to I have made it so that only my contacts can download my photos. I realize this will make it slightly tougher for people who want copies of the pictures I've taken (and for the most part I don't mind people I know taking copies of pictures), but I don't want people I don't know taking my photos and making snarky comments about them.

Largish, Bearded, huggable. t I love to take pictures, and I love to mess with them in photoshop. Most of my pics will be SCA related since that is where I get the most opportunities to take pictures.
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Bill Hately
June 2006
Edmonton, Canada
I am:
Male and Taken
Desk Jockey