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Create the world you envision, love with all your heart, and laugh in all your brilliance!


That's my motto up there, because it's what I believe. If I wasn't creating, I wouldn't know what to do with myself.


I can't really remember a time before I fell in love with art, although I think I fell in love with a paintbrush the first time I made the most kickin' book cover in second grade. There was no looking back after that.


kimmus122. Get yours at

I have an art and photography shop called Joyful Roots


Visit my blog at: Joyful Roots Blog.


Visit my spoonflower fabric shop at: Joyful Roots Fabric.


Copyright Notice: Many of my images are All Rights Reserved. They should not be reproduced in any way, and unauthorized use is strictly prohibited. Use of any photos or text without my consent will serve as a violation of international copyright. If you would like to use a copyright protected image, please contact me.


I list some of my images in the creative commons. These are for you to use as the terms of the license allow. But if you use one, please let me know where or how. I would love to know. Thank you!


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  • JoinedJune 2007
  • OccupationArtist, Garden Designer, Graphic Illustrator
  • Current cityHereford, AZ
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