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Hello everyone, I was introduced to Flickr via podcasting and mentions from various tech savvy (Flickrites)people ( thanks mostly to Doc & Andy)

Among the shots here are images of my Family, my work, my art, the odd image of people or places that interest me.


A lot of images of musicians since I host a weekly folk radio program (seventh year for Us Folk, in my 17th year involved @ WMPG) a community radio station ( ) here in the Northeast state of Maine, in the USA where I live with my wife and daughter. Of course there are many pics of kiki she is a never ending source of inspirational to me.


For friends and family or anyone new to flickrdom here's a way to get to a great introduction . Go to the SETS page and pic one of the many sets of images. Once youselect a set, I recommend using the SLIDESHOW (Us Folk 2006) feature (see it on the right) and if you click it you will get batches of images on the top you can set the time of view and if you see something you like click on it. the image will get smaller and give you info about that image and give you the option to open a particular image in a new window.

Flickr is totally amazing and cutting edge, a growing community of people from around the globe thanks for checking out my images.


Feedback comments are welcome, thanks.


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