Wouldn´t update my flickr. Use this account just for commenting on photos made by others. Hope to seeyah at Ipernity.

View my photos at bighugelabs.com

My Flickr Code: F5 I+ c f+++! g m? s(pl?)


If I add you as contact I like your photos. Maybe because of the area they are taken or cause I like to view the "usual daily life of a family living there". If I add you as friend I belief that you don't would steal my photos or something like that so I suggest it would be ok to show you my non-public photos, too (hey, sickos: There aren't any nudity so don't ask!). Just in case: If I add you just as an contact I don't belief you would steal them. ;-)

In any cases I add you as contact or friend it's not needed to add me as contact or friend, too (but it would be OK if you would like).

If you don't like that I add you as contact or friend - don't block me- instead drop me a line and I would remove you from my contact-list and I will don't bother you again. But blocking is so unfriendly...


Because it´s important I will say it again: I wouldn't use flickr anymore to store my photos cause flickr censored me as a German (see the last photos for more infos about that). My new home for my photos was www.ipernity.com/doc/kiezkicker.


Feel free to take a closer look to them (there are thousend of photos, videos, music, articles and other stuff- ipernity wasn't just for photos...). So I don't renew my Pro-Account at flickr- there wouldn't be any motivation to pay the whole money for an castrated german account at flickr...


So I would use this flickr-account just for commenting on other photos, discussion in the forums or hold contact with some people I found on flickr which doesn´t switched to ipernity, too.


I've actually learning to take some good photos - feel free to add some quality comment on it or add me as your contact (there's no reason for this cause - as I said, I wouldn't upload anymore photos here at flickr but if you would add me as contact it would OK, but as I said - normally there's no reason ;)

If you would like to give me some good feedback to motivate me to take more photos like them feel free to doing something like that.


Living in Hamburg, Germany in the very special discrict Sankt Pauli nearby the Reeperbahn and Port.


Like it to cook (and- of course- to eat it after that, hm...), to hear music (punk, rock and some style of hiphop) and- of course- to take photos.

Haven't own kids but like it to take photos of them, mostly are from my cousins and brothers. And like to view the "dayly life around the world" of others, too.


For sure you can call me an open minded person. I don´t judge about other people by photos they had taken when I don´t really know them for real, in real life.


Actually mostly listening station: SomaFM independent internet radio


At flickr I like to surf the photos by others to see the regional distinctions- and- of course and that's the outrank part of it- the similarities of people all over the would. The family-daily live, the food, the locations - I like it to get some inspirations for my own photos at this way.


Owner (or they own me, instead?!) of two cats, two brothers (the younger one called Pierre- now with own flickr-account). The older one seems to be a little bit photo-shy so I haven't many photos showing him...


And...now don't know what the hell I should write even more...


OK, some of my websites (german):

The hell of FC St. Pauli, a newsarchive about my favourite soccerclub

Kiezblo(g/ck), my online diary with some lost in thoughts, mostly filled by my twitter (@KiezkickerDe).

FC St. Pauli Internetfanclub The Netpirates, a wouldwide FC St. Pauli - supporters-club.

And last, but not least, my private-page with some more infos about me (ahm... or my other pages, more to come...)

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