This is the virtuell MANNHEIM Rock & Pop-Record Museum for music of the 20th Century. Created by Klaus Hiltscher/Affendaddy the Rock'n'Roll Accountant.
In Progress !!!

First I started my life as a Window Dresser in 1961. From 1966 on I was a professional club DJ. In Januar 1970 I lead my first record shop.
I am a Record Collector and was - for 38 years - from 1970 to 2008 also a Record Seller . I also worked 10 years as Music-Journalist for 2 Radiostations (SWF + RPR South-Germany) . I released a book about collectible records - The Gimmix Book Of Records - on Virgin Books, 1981 -------------------------All these things you see on my Flickr Page are in stock (a few - 5 % - are from my collectors friends) . Since 8 years I work as DJ - 12 times a year - at the legendary CAFÈ BLAU in Mannheim.

This Museum exists at the moment only as private collection in Mannheim, Germany.
MANNHEIM IS THE TOWN WHERE CARL BENZ INVENTED THE CAR !!!!! So you see - a very important town !
See me also on YouTube
Das ist Klaus Hiltscher's/Affendaddys virtuelles Rock und Pop Schallplatten MUSEUM - für Musik
des 20ten Jahrhunderts. Mein Freund Erich Biruk
gab mir den Beinamen ROCK'N'ROLL Buchhalter.
Das trifft die Sache gut.

Interests - Old & New SF Literature. From Jules Verne to E.A, Vogt, E.E.Smith, Isaac Asimov, David Brin,Poul Anderson, Philip K.Dick, Arthur C.Clarke, John Brunner, Robert Silverberg and the new Stars like Dan Simmons, Stephen Baxter, Iain Banks, Peter F. Hamilton, Jack McDevitt. I also collect books written in german and released between 1900 and
1930. I also love Carl Barx (Inventor of Donald Duck).
I'm big fan of Cats (normal streetcats no persian or other highly breeded beings).
In the 1950s, in my early youth I had two favourite moviestars : Victor Mature and Audie Murphy !
Lover of Redwine and french cuisine (I stopped drinking beer in 1982 ).
Favourite holiday places - France & Holland. It is easy to go there by car. Sadly, in my age England is too far to reach by car.
My first Single was YA YA TWIST by Joey Dee & The Starliters - I bought it in autumn 1962.
My first LP I got from my french friend Robert Husset in 1962 - Francoise Hardys first Album. My first self bought LP was The Bobby Darin Story (1963).
My first Rock Concert was - in October 1963 - Joey Dee & The Starlighters (from New York) at the Rosengarten, Mannheim, Germany
My last concerts in the last 10 years were : Pretty Things, Chris Spedding, The Brandos, Kevin Costner, Ian Brown (Stone Roses), Joe Bonamassa, Wreckless Eric with Amy Rigby, Gringo Starr, Best Coast, T.V.Smith (The Adverts) , John Fogerty, Bloc Party, Tony Joe White, Placebo, Brat Farrar, Gringo Starr, Best Coast,
The Hamburg Blues Band with Miller-Anderson & Maggie Bell, Elizabeth Lee, Bernadette LaHengst, The Revox(CH).

Ah - before I forget - I hate FACEBOOK.
I'm back on YouTube with Stuff from my Hometown Mannheim
and a special account with the famous Mannheim Punk-Concert in 1981
at the Stadthalle Eppelheim > Das CHLORLEICHENKONZERT !

My device - Live and let live.

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    bake_coven says:

    "Truely an amazing musical lifestyle , each time a batch of photos is put up Im stunned into silence .From the pictures to the early gigs of famous rock bands , an amazing record collection ,pictures of record shops during the 1970's just an amazing glimpse into the past .Anyone who saw Johnny Moped and has photos to prove it deserves a testimonial !!!!! Thank you for sharing your photos with us !!!!"

    October 22nd, 2009

Klaus Hiltscher
December 2008
Mannheim, Germany
I am:
Male and Taken
Retired / Record Collector