After sailing the high seas for over 50,000 sea miles I looked for a place with good access to the Caribbean and the USA Key West is such a place with an island culture, that is, friendly and open to world travelers. Key West is the place of many worlds; Bahamas, West Indies, Mexico, Cuba, Gulf Coast all within reach by boat. Beautiful reefs and maybe the best weather in the world. It ranges between 72 and 92 most of the time. Now at the beginning of Summer we are in the mid 80's. North Florida is in the high 90's. Storms beset the center of the country. Hurricanes are a threat but usually come with plenty of warning.

Many people visit for the natural beauty and the clear blue/green warm waters with playful dolphins and shy turtles. A migration stop off for flocks of birds and thick schools of fish. All this protected by a 200 mile barrier reef

Bars and restaurants are famous and plentiful music calls you in from your casual island stroll. The deep history and beautiful State park keeps you entertained for days. Oh did I mention some of the best sailing anywhere!

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