For three decades I've worked as a Fringineer, blurring the lines between art/media and engineering.

It would seem that I shoot a lot of space, astrophotography, sunset, and Comic-Con photos, particularly Star Wars-y stuff.

Twitter: @KevinBaird

Published / licensed / exhibited images:

Geek Girls
San Diego Business Journal article about Leslie Fishlock. (non-paywall credit)

My iPhone Piggyback Rig
Several images featured on the Smithsonian Air and Space Magazine's Instagram account during my week-long "takeover" in late 2016, beginning with this one.

Phantom/GoPro Camera Quadcopter Drone
Ars Technica article about drone safety and one on about commercial drone use.

Orion capsule and USS Anchorage
NASA's Orion capsule arrival in San Diego was featured in a Smithsonian Air & Space magazine daily "snapshot"

NASA Orion EFT-1 Capsule aboard USS Anchorage
Photographed NASA's Orion capsule for a Planetary Society article on the retrieval of EFT-1 to San Diego

NASA's Bill Ingalls snapping our group photo
Space Answers article on NASA photographer Bill Ingalls

Perfect Ring of Fire
San Diego County Fair, 2013 Honorable Mention. Also included in Reddit's FAQ on SkyPorn and a Forbes article on the eventual disappearance of solar eclipses

Comet PanSTARRS (C/2011 L4) and Moon from San Diego
Planetary Society blog post about Comet Pan-STARRS

Landsat Atlas V Liftoff
University of Maryland Dept. of Geography article about their participation in the Landsat LDCM project

Business End of the Saturn V
San Diego County Fair, 2012 Honorable Mention + Donated Award from The Art of Photography Show

San Diego County Fair, 2012. 4th Place, Sports

Ad Astra
San Diego County Fair, 2012

Amy Teitel and Moon Dust
io9 article on a proposed 2020 mission to Mars

Mihály Horányi in the CCLDAS Lab
Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics at University of Colorado New Media Workshop

Red Tide Bioluminescence
San Diego's official Facebook page and the NBC Los Angeles "Worth The Drive" local travel blog, plus mention on blogs of The Washington Post, ABC News, and the LA Times

7016 Dark City
San Diego Union-Tribune's curated collection of San Diego Power Outage photos

my pic on home page home page

7405 Signing the Wall
Rear cover of Qualcomm's 2010 Yearbook of People

4055 Eve Selis and Fan
Eve Selis Band Facebook page profile photo

0836 Red Camera
Licensed by AVID for use in their 2010 NAB booth

Featured in an art exhibit on water conservation and use

Mars in 3-D article on MSNBC's Cosmiclog science blog

International Space Station in the Fireworks's Fourth of July feature

9716 Henderson Cyn Rd Wildflowers
KPBS used this for a story on desert wildflowers

2186 Whales & Dolphins & Boats Oh My
Licensed to owner of this boat

4454 Ignite Talk - Space Is Boring - Andy Cochrane
Front page of

Grinch iPhone Apps on Yahoo! Kids
Video featured on Yahoo!Kids

2368 Sea Lice
Birch Aquarium photo contest runner-up

Atmospheric Optics Photo of the Day

CNN comet
CNN i-Report featuring my time lapse footage of Comet McNaught

7568 ISS+Shuttle flyover, Moon, Orion
Time lapse clip on


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Kevin Baird
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