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I am a very keen amateur photographer and I have been ever since I was about 8yrs old when my late father Norman first let me loose on his camera gear, he along with his best friend Cyril took many photos in the West Yorkshire area (Then known as the West Riding) sadly however most of his work was lost whilst moving house and this is something that I sadly regret.

I was born in 1959 and growing up in the 1960's was very enlightening, It was a time of change and a time of discovery both technological and moral and as we approached the 70's "my most fomative years" the country was in turmoil. Being an only child I was spoilt to a certain extent and my time spent with my parents was educational and informative.

Mum (Edith) was a very good homemaker she was one of thirteen children so she knew how to respect the little we had at the time, she looked after me very well, my father (Norman) worked in engineering, first of all at a company called Bradley and Craven and then later on for boilermakers Spurr and Inman who were taken over by Greens on Calder Vale Road in Wakefield.

I took a keen interest in news and current affairs and photography was a natural progression. I often went out on my own taking photo's of what I thought were interesting subjects, and that has rubbed off on me in later life.

My camera at that time was a little Halina 35mm, I used to take it everywhere with me, I would then rush back home blank out the bathroom window put a board on the bath and set up my fathers darkroom equipment which consisted of a Gnome enlarger an home made safety light made out of an old contact print box and several dishes with home made heaters, IE light bulbs sealed into old biscuit tins.

I only dabbled in Black and White I just didnt have the money for colour in those days. I would hang the strips of negatives to dry on a piece of string fastening them with bulldog clips one at the top and one at the bottom for weight.

Once dried i would load up the enlarger and print my photo's I can almost smell the Hypo (Fixer) now.

That was then this is now.......

I got married then divorced !!, photography was put on the back burner for many years, but being single again has re-awakened my passion for photography and it takes up a lot of my spare time.

Cathedral From The Park HDR

Wakefield Cathedral and City Centre from Clarence Park

I started as many do with a bridge camera, it was a Fuji S9500 and took some great macro shots.

I then became a Nikonite, my first camera was a d5000, I then upgraded to the D5100 before moving onto a D7000 and eventually a D7100 which is a great camera.

A couple of years ago I got a D600 which was my first full frame camera, I was hooked and i now own a D810 which for me is the ultimate camera to own.

As far as lenses are concerned most of my wildlife shots are take with my Sigmonster, a powerful 150-500mm telephoto lens which I use on the d7100 and D810, recently I invested in the Tamron 150-600mm which on the full frame is sublime.
I also have a Nikon 70-300, a Tamron 90mm macro, and a great Sigma 10-20mm for landscape work along with a couple of 50mm primes for portraiture and a full frame 28-85mm Nikon lens.

My hometown is Wakefield in West Yorkshire and at the moment it is going through quite a bit of redevelopment, not all for the good either in my humble opinion, and I suppose that I am trying to preserve the past in some of my work by recording things that will sadly be no longer with us soon.

Sunset Over Sandal Castle HDR

Sandal Castle just South of Wakefield at Sunset.

I really like to do HDR (High Dynamic Range) but it do not go in for the arty type of HDR which looks overprocessed and garish, I just like my pictures to look natural and use HDR to see into places not normally seen on a single exposure.

Please take a look at my photos any comments will be greatly appreciated (Good and Bad) but overall please enjoy the photos as it makes it all the more worthwhile.

Glorious Spring

Irises in Springtime taken at Thornes Park in Wakefield.

Recently I have become interested in Macro photography of still life subjects and also flowers, and as the seasons change there is a profusion of flowers available to photograph, to my utter joy and amazement a couple these have made it into Explore which of course is the Holy Grail of Flickr.

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    Bev'sPhotos says:

    "This is long overdue.....
    Kevin is an amazing photographer. His talent is so obvious when you take a look at his photostream and it is a real treat to view his photos.

    His interests are varied .... from landscapes, to birds, to still life, to close-ups...he does it all extremely well. I have learned a lot from viewing his images.

    Thank-you for the testimonial you wrote for me, Kevin.....very nice of you :-)


    February 19th, 2013

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    Tony Baldwinson says:

    "Kevin always maintains a high standard time after time. I realised that I am trying in my less talented way to do the same. Therefore I am improving simply by seeing his pictures.
    Cheers Kevin.


    September 4th, 2009

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    David Wilby says:

    "I've known Kevin for many a year now - he's my best mate, my brother - my truest friend. We've been by each others side through all the good and bad this life throws at us - and he's been there for me no matter what...

    Regardless of these facts, you just have to look at his ever-increasing body of work on flickr to see that he has an amazing talent for photography (far surpassing his own ridiculous idea of his skills).

    Currently Kevin is specializing in HDR - he's said to me that he can't see ever changing back to regular photos for long and he is becoming increasingly skilled in this area of photography in particular, though his pictures improve day by day no matter what his subject or method.

    I suppose one of the best compliments I could give Kev is that time after time, he takes the kind of pictures that I want to take, that I want to see - I hope you all want to see them too...

    Thank you Kev, for everything.


    November 27th, 2008

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