I am 23 year-old photographer, and graduate. I reside in the Portland, OR area. I am a portrait photographer that specializes in portraits, seniors, bands, weddings, couples/engagements, and fashion. I do take self portraits, still lifes, and coffee splashes for my personal work. I'm 6 foot 5, I hate wearing shoes, I'm very lactose intolerant, love a good Hermann Hesse book, a good game of Settlers, and listening to Thrice, and am working on becoming a bit of a foodie. I recently received my Bachelor's in psychology and want to pursue a masters in social work to work with Native American kids on a reservation.

Canon EOS 5d Mk II
Canon EOS 5d
Canon EF 50mm f/1.2 L
Canon EF 85mm f/1.8
Canon EF 24mm f/3.5 L TS-E
Rokinon 35mm f/1.4
(2) Nikon sb-24
Canon 430 EX flash

Canon 24mm f/1.4 L
Canon 135mm f/2 L
Canon 45mm f/2.8 TS-E

If you want prints or to do a shoot let me know. Seriously, let me know.

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    brittniwillie.com says:

    "Kevin, Kevin, Kevin... you are one of my absolutely favorite photographers. Everything you upload is so inspiring. One day I hope to feel as accomplished with my work as you."

    December 24th, 2010

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    Saaty Photography says:

    "Kevin’s photo stream is exceptional! He is talented and creative. I always enjoy his daily posts- they are all unique. I look forward to all future photographs that will come :)"

    June 16th, 2009

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    hello my name is spin says:

    "kevin is a fantastically unique and creative photographer. his bokehs are always beautious and his entire 365 set is to die for, plus he's uber nice !! what more could ya ask for?"

    May 30th, 2009

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    an endless, static sea says:

    "I love Kevin's work. None of his pictures look the same, which is a talent when taking self-portraits. I've mentally favorited so much of his work, and I go to his stream a handful of times a week."

    May 7th, 2009

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    Melanie.Disbrow says:

    "Kevin is a very creative person and you can really tell when you look at his photos! They are all so full of creativity and life ! He is an awesome photographer and i love how his photos always tell a story ; )
    It is so much fun looking at your Photos !

    April 27th, 2009

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    Nick Hess says:

    "I've known Kevin since before the days I considered him a photographer and its been exciting and a joy to see the growth in the quality of his work from then to now. His strong photoshop skills are the cherry on top of his creative and meaningful photos. His stories and titles behind each image add a nice touch helping you to view the photo the way its meant to be viewed. And if anyone is ever in the Portland, Oregon area please send Kevin a message asking him to meet up so he has someone to photograph for a change!"

    March 16th, 2009

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    Jest Real says:

    "Kevin is diligent, creative and passionate with photography. His great capacity for humor, intellect and imagination is eloquently conveyed in his work.
    His talents are not limited to photography but it is no secret that Kevin has a gift for creating magnificent art with a camera"

    March 17th, 2009

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    [jilleydarling] says:

    "kevin's work is breathtaking. his self portraits especially are always so amazing, he's so creative and takes beautiful photos."

    March 2nd, 2009

Kevin Farris
May 2008
Portland, US
I am:
Male and Taken