I'm a bit of a dirtbag. I smoke and drink and skateboard, so I'm not really your model citizen. I love photography and tattoos, and I'm hoping to start doing tattoos here pretty soon. I'll get the feel for it on synthetic skins for a year or so, then I'll move on to people.

As far as photography goes, I've been taking pictures since my Junior year of high school, so that was the end of '03. I started out using my mom's old Canon AE-1 and eventually got my own Canon Rebel 2000... Pretty crappy, but it was fine for what I did. I just recently made the jump to digital with a Canon Rebel XT, but now I'm wishing I went with one that has more FPS and a full frame to it... The Fisheye just hasn't been the same since. With the announcement of the EOS Mark III, I about shit my pants... 10 megapixels at ten FPS?? Oh yeah, I'm gonna be four grand poorer come April.

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