Hi To Everyone,

I'm Kerry May, I am early fourties of age and a male to female crossdresser. Like most crossdressers my life story is much the same; dressing from a young age, desperately trying to kick the habit fuelled by guilt and confusion......until the last few years.

Now, that guilt has gone away and has been replaced with a sense of self acceptance. I am content with being femme, in fact I feel better being femme and would not choose to be any other way.

Circumstances and confidence have so far prevented me from going out in public, though I so wish to do so. For now, I dress whenever I can and would like to share my photos with the outside world.

I would love to hear from other like minded people or anyone with similar interests, so please feel free to drop me a mail.

Thank you for taking the time to look and read.

Kerry x

A bit later in my fourties now! But finally made it out, and what a sensational time that was. So where I go from here remains to be seen, I only hope that I can continue to enjoy the great outdoors and the new freedom I have found.

Hoping for friendships and some supportive company to explore local venues and quality time out and about. Would be particularly interested to meet like minded T-girls in the Chesterfield area.

Thank You for reading and for all the kind comments that people have written.

Kerry x

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