A childhood birthed in a dream called Hawaii, an adulthood earned in the place of San Diego, for anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours each day I can best be described as an interracial ambivert pescatarian who finds great joy in creating images.


I have created all of the images on my Flickr account, most of which have a Creative Commons Attribution License on them. Which means that as long as I'm given proper credit, any sentient being, from this world or beyond, can use any of my images -- that have a Creative Commons Attribution License -- for any reason, free of charge.

My attribution requirements:

- Crediting the image to my name: Keoni Cabral

- Placing my attribution on the same page my picture is on. Note: Listing my name just within the http title file in the address bar does not constitute attribution.

My attribution requests:

- I request that you link my attributed name to my Flickr homepage of: www.flickr.com/keoni101 (no need to list the address, just link it to my name)

- I request that my attribution be listed directly under the image if at all possible. If that isn't possible, then at least in close proximity.

As long as you're not making a direct profit off my image (in which case we can make a profit sharing arrangement), there is no need to ask me for permission and no need to contact me to let me know you're using an image of mine. Through Google searches I usually end up finding and documenting most sites that use my imagery.


Photos of Keoni Cabral (8)

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Keoni Cabral
July 2010
San Diego, USA
I am:
Male and Taken
KeoniCabral [at] gmail.com