Trying to become a professional photographer and make a living out of it.

I also blog at My Chicago Photowalks and Uncommon Photographers. Enjoy.

Snapshots with Ken Ilio - online interview by Noah Bulgaria at the Animal Kingdom pool.

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    metaphora says:

    "I love love love Flipped Out's photostream! It is one of the most diverse and interesting set of photos on Flickr. This is one of the places I visit for inspiration and some amazing shots of Chicago."

    December 6th, 2008

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    Friendly American says:

    "Frank Sinatra was known the world over as a "Man's man". The kind of man that other males of his time would aspire to imulate. In the same vein, Ken is a photographer's photographer. He is very kind and giving of his time and his talent and he is extemely humble even though he is extremely talented and beyond the skill and aptitude of mere mortals such as myself.

    I witnessed a women that Ken knows running into him on a recent shoot and the excitement in which she introduced him to her family was that of a person introducing a distinguished professor that she held in the highest regard.

    Ken, I'm going to be watching for the next opportunity to shoot with you, I suspect that there is still so much you can teach me."

    August 26th, 2008

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    omar cruz says:

    "I've met Mr. Ken just two days ago and I thought it would just be a normal eyeball but to my surprise it became an adhoc photography opportunity. He gave tips about photography and on post processing. Thank you sir! You're such a nice man, and it was a real pleasure to have met you. Hope to see you next time. Thanks again for the food and for the lessons.

    Ken is truly an educator, one passionate photographer, and a genuine artist."

    November 8th, 2007

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    kittyx4 says:

    "Ken is one of my very favorite flickr photographers! I LOVE the pictures he takes of Chicago. I always look for his new pics on my photostream to see what awesome picture he has captured on the magical camera of his!"

    April 2nd, 2007

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    timbevil says:

    "Your photos are incredible. What an artist. I have really enjoyed viewing them!"

    December 18th, 2006

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    Liz O Hamm says:

    "I get such a kick out of your snaps of the Philippine tarsier! Thank you so much for sharing. You are one of my favorite profiles to visit. Keep 'em coming!! ~liz, Los Angeles"

    August 8th, 2006

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    Half Pinay - Laretta Houston says:

    "I can't even begin to describe Ken in a testimonial. An outstanding photographer, a great personality and the willing to help others where needed. He inspires me to push the limits and always do my best. Thank you for all your support. = )"

    July 28th, 2006

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    Chaseism says:

    "Ken challenges both photography and photographers alike. He sees wondeful images in the most random places and for that eye I admire him. Yet, at the same time, he can take the obvious shots and make them unique and special!! Not to mention he's an all around kick-arse kind of guy!! (c:"

    July 9th, 2006

  • view profile says:

    "As someone who has aspirations for a future in Photography I have certainly been inspired by your work and comments. Trully one of the most impressive artist on Flickr."

    June 28th, 2006

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    Rey Nocum says:

    "If I'm a good photographer now, it's because of this person. The inspiration, teachings and his websites helped me a lot in my photography.

    I was surprised to see his name in the contact list of a filipino photographer and when I examine the contact list of some photographers, I was even more surprised to seem his name included in their list too. He seem to be in everyone's contacts list.

    I love his Bean series.

    God bless you, Ken."

    June 15th, 2006

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    KevinSkomsvold says:

    "His Chicago photos are unparalleled for their beauty and in capturing the essence of the city. I consider myself lucky to have accidently stumbled upon his work and fortunate, all the same."

    May 22nd, 2006

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    fotoFANATIK says:

    "I am honored to know Ken and have seen his photographs. I am inspired by his visions, EVERYDAY, when he posts! He has such a generous heart, sharing what he knows about photography, and sharing with us his gifts of beautiful, emotional, and FUN pictures!!! He's my "flickr hero" =)"

    May 16th, 2006

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    bluman says:

    "A consumate artiste at heart. Proud to be your friend."

    April 27th, 2006

Ken Ilio
December 2005
Malinao, Aklan, Philippines
Chicago, IL, USA
I am:
Male and Single
High School Teacher
Ken Ilio Photography of Chicago and Beyond