I am a ex-Hutterite.
I am an avid Twitterer
I was an assistant firetruck electrician at Green Acres Industries; helped program automotive computers to make lights work, and wire the lights. I also helped with some metal fabrication and painting of the fire trucks.
I ran a Water jet cutting machine.
I went to school via the huttarian HBN-IITV system, an interactive television experience.
I love science, i am technically inclined.
I love my psychology class.
I speak Corinthian German, as well as "german"
I'm a perfectionist
I am too dedicated to some stuff
I like black
I hate tomatoes
I am obsessed with photography.
I like writing little stories for each of my photos.
I am addicted to flickr and facebook
I drool for a L lens

You can contact me at kellyhofer@gmail.com

View my photos at bighugelabs.com

Canon 60D
55-250mm f4.5-5.6 lens
500mm F8 lens
18-55mm f3.5-5.6 lens
50mm f1.8 lens
430 EXII flash
Wired camera remote

Gels for flash
neutral density
Slik Tripod
SlR pro gorillapod
Slik monopod

Reflector umbrella
Silver/Gold reflector
White scrim
light-stand head
Carrying case for lighting equipment

Lowepro camera bag
Tamron Camera bag
Valuvillage bag..lol

Large, cloth softbox
Small, foamcore+plastic softbox
shutter relese
close up adapter for lens
12" snoot
Gridspot made of black straws

Not a overly broad selection, but for now i am managing and doing quite well

Wish list:
Canon 135mm f2
Canon 50mm F1.2L
Canon 580exll flash


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  • IMG_6565 by poet81
  • 2015 Beakerhead - Calgary Mini Maker Faire - KH by Beakerhead
  • Everyday People 1st Place by OurCanada
  • Going into Battle with Canon !! by Ken Yuel Photography

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    Ken Yuel Photography says:

    "Where to start, well lets see....Kelly is one of the most talented and creative young individuals I have had the pleasure to meet on Flickr. I have known Kelly for a few months now and during that time I have been introduced to some of the finest original art form available through Flickr.

    Kelly has tremendous determination, drive and focus, all strong and pleasing attributes that enhance his creativity. Each shot Kelly produces is well though out and planned. While each image on it's own tells a story, Kelly adds additional narration that is well penned and presented, often providing the viewer with a deeper look and appreciation into his personal life.

    Kelly is young and already so talented, but it will be a real treat to see how he progresses over the next few years. Kelly already has some of his images hanging in a local gallery, and I am proud to say that I have one of Kelly's more famous prints hanging in my home, I hope to soon have more.

    So, do take the time to check out Kelly's photo stream on Flickr, you will find it enlightening and in many ways informative, and most of all you won't be disappointed..."

    February 23rd, 2009

Kelly Hofer
February 2007
Green Acres Colony
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
I am:
Male and Single
maikellysummit [at] yahoo.ca