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    Alfonso T says:

    "Watching your photostream is like watching a Mazzy Star video (which is a good thing), emotive stuff.

    Great work indeed"

    26th May, 2011

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    Cat Fogarty says:

    "Kelco takes some of the most emotive and creative photos ive seen. I love the portraits and I love the diptychs. Always an inspiration!"

    18th June, 2010

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    Frederick Van Johnson says:

    "Kelco is an amazing artist. It's fascinating to see the visions in his head materialize on Flickr."

    3rd August, 2009

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    Maly B. says:

    "Every single time I come to visit Kelco's flickr stream I want to fave all the photos!! I fall madly in love with the way he sees the world.
    Thanks for the inspiration!"

    31st January, 2009

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    dontexplode says:

    "Kelco inspires the shit out of me.

    And he's also full of shit half the time...or is that Tequila."

    16th December, 2008

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    <!-- Jåke --> says:

    "I'd dare anyone to look through Kelco's stream while listening to Abney Park -- gives a whole new surreality to things..."

    16th September, 2008

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    fabian17 says:

    "Ok. You win. Let's pretend I faved all your photo stream. Now teach!"

    10th July, 2008

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    Cage Alumni Auk Lay says:

    "I think i've found THE photostream discovery of the day.
    Incredible series, really. Keep rocking mate, be sure my mate Drifs and me we'll be watching every single incoming work of you.
    Really. You just made our day.


    13th April, 2008

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    drifs says:

    "Your central and fixed portrait are so awesome. All the "same" but all differents. Every portrait tries to tell you a story, a human story. I'm a huge fan."

    13th April, 2008

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    "i'm single now and want to date kelco"

    22nd February, 2008

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    moonpies for misfits says:

    "For over a year I have been transfixed by Kelly's amazing science of portraiture. I'm pretty sure he is some sort of wizard genius. Do yourself a favor and sit down, take the time and go through his stream, and prepare to have your ass kicked through the screen by some of the best work on Flickr."

    8th February, 2008

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    FPhotographer says:

    "Out of this world.

    Kelco es uno de lo mejores fotografos de todo Flickr.


    10th January, 2008

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    Sadarrab says:

    "This guy is simply a genius!"

    4th January, 2008

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    sanabria says:

    "Neat, accurate work, pronounced style, he has an talent that leaves me dumbstruck. Man, I wish I could see through your eyes for some days..."

    22nd November, 2007

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    Amanda Maes says:

    "I have been a fan of kelly's work for over a year, and this testimonial is long overdue. When I first saw his artwork I quickly wrote him to tell him that I thought his work is unique, powerful, inspiring, excruciatingly deep. Still, a year later his work remains so.
    I look forward to seeing his stream everyday for new photos."

    11th November, 2007

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    Latin Snake says:

    "your photo stream are amazing ;)


    Latin snake"

    15th June, 2007

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    Neuköln says:

    "kelly's thoughtful portraiture provides inspiration for us all. we can't take for granted the interaction with his subjects that elicits a part of their character captured in a moment to share with us - he's a real talent. that and his setup ideas are well cool! take a stroll through his stream, it's worth your while."

    22nd February, 2007

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    vonvonvon says:

    "Top-shelf portraiture, with the post-processing chops to match!"

    2nd February, 2007

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    Shahab Zargari says:

    "this is the second, maybe third time we stumbled on your photostream. this time we damn near faved the entire thing. :)

    keep up the wonderful work! amazing stuff!!!!!"

    1st February, 2007

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    [brett walker] says:

    "Kelly is a King in exile
    a master of his craft
    his work is so clean
    and precise that if he
    were a surgeon he would
    be my first choice for a brain tumour removal.
    a total inspiration."

    30th January, 2007

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    snapshotmelly says:

    "Where has Kelco been all my life? I find his work refreshing and mind altering. Each photo brings on a new mind experience for the viewer because to me; each photo has it's own story to tell."

    19th January, 2007

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    Alba Escayo says:

    "M A S T E R !"

    30th December, 2006

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    dreadfuldan says:

    "I've stopped favouriting kelco's pictures because i love so damn many of them it's a bit ridiculous. One of the most consistentently great photographers on Flickr. So many iconic shots."

    18th December, 2006

  • view profile says:

    "great pictures kelco, you are very pro and you have lots of wonderfull ideas! i like flickr photographer that have a little weirdnes and crazynes in their pictures!

    keep on man!

    12th December, 2006

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    Marc*Turnley says:

    "Technically KELCO is my favorite photographer on Flickr. I have no idea how he does most of what he does and therein lies the magic."

    1st December, 2006

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    kyliecross says:

    "check into kelco everyday. His pictures are absolutely amazing - ones you can stare at all day and fave all of them. Brilliant!"

    2nd November, 2006

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    Loki* says:

    "Turn on, tune in, drop out- kelco's stream definitely passes the acid test :)"

    29th October, 2006

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    A Glimpse of the World says:

    "What a pleasure it is to find talent like this. Originality, vision and thoughtfulness, brought to every image is not our common lot. Kelco's work has it all."

    28th October, 2006

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    etravus says:

    "Kelco's work leavs me in total awe.
    He's got to be one of the best photographers
    on flickr and beyond."

    26th October, 2006

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    Anthony L. Solis says:

    "On the Fluckr group discussion board, someone asked who the best photographer on Flickr was. Of course, we all have our own ideas on what makes "the best," but for my money, it's Kelco and I made sure to say so in that group."

    26th October, 2006

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    Kourosh Azar says:

    "Your images are just fantastic. I love the way you see the world and how you share it with the rest of us just rocks!"

    25th October, 2006

  • view profile says:

    "de lo mejor que se puede ver en Flickr!!"

    24th October, 2006

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    Randallart says:

    "His arrogance IS will placed. kelco's photos are deeply symbolic and FULL of quality. It's not often that one will come across such strong and rich imagery. If you haven't scratched into his world yet, let yourself delve into the depths of his pictures. You will be rewarded immensly!"

    10th September, 2006

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    fotoattack says:

    "LOVE this guy............................."

    8th September, 2006

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    kanorama says:


    11th August, 2006

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    leannelimwalker says:

    "amazing work, seems very "out there" nice and original, very eye catching and effective. shows such great talent"

    4th August, 2006

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    -Antoine- says:

    "Everytime I check out Kelly's photostream I can expect quality. Another thing I can expect is to be pleasantly surprised. Once in a while there comes such a photographer whose stream makes you fall on your ass everytime you re-discover it.
    Your photos are fresh oxygen, the quiet seeping sounds of flowing serotonin. And damn do I love these square framings! Glad I discovered you."

    28th July, 2006

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    Nathan Berry says:

    "Holy jeeze dude, you left me a comment and I checked out your photo's. I am honored that you liked some of my pictures, because your stuff's AMAZING. Keep up the good work my friend."

    7th July, 2006

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    noqontrol says:

    "fantastic, gothic, radical, luv it!"

    6th July, 2006

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    stoneth says:

    "great sh*t! inspirational in creativity and execution!! here here."

    30th June, 2006

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    Misteriddles says:

    "Twisted and terrific, disturbing and distorted, Kelco's images rarely fail to make my favourites list. Such is their imaginative impact I am frequently jolted from the humdrum of the everyday whenever I peer through these fascinating windows into Kelco's surreal and hallucinatory but also very human netherworld. He has fast become my very favourite flikr artist, one that I would wholeheartedly recommend to all who love peering into the dark."

    3rd June, 2006

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    merkley??? says:

    "kelly never ever disappoints -- good shit every time. he is also responsible for one of the coolest photos i have EVER seen."

    8th May, 2006

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