Teach digital media at U of WA; study blogosphere, social space. Write at wiredpen.com/ and sometimes at themoderatevoice.com/.

Motorcyclist and MSF instructor. Owned by Cairn Terrier, Katie. Live with (engaged to) a wonderful man who happens to also be a MSFT tester, so we are a x-platform household (I own Apple stock, he owns MSFT stock).

Own a vintage (late 1970s) Nikon 35mm camera; modern Nikon; various digital point-and-shoots; a Kodak "Flip"; and, of course, my Blackjack cellphone. I don't make the time to shoot enough; I'm a writer first.

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  • Gnomedex 10 by thekenyeung
  • The Gnomedex Song by Mr Noded
  • The Gnomedex Song by Mr Noded
  • Intermission TEDxSea With Greg Bear by TEDxSea
  • Kathy Gill at TEDx Seattle by TEDxSea
  • Kathy Gill - Ignite Seattle 9 by Randy Stewart
  • Kathy Gill - Ignite Seattle 9 by Randy Stewart
  • Kathy Gill - 140TC by Randy Stewart

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March 2005
albany, ga
lynnwood wa, usa
I am:
Female and Taken
professor, blogger, motorcycle instructor