I am a wedding & portrait photographer based near Belfast, Northern Ireland.


My first spark with photography came as a child. My Dad would bring out a 35mm slide projector when my sisters and I were children. This was a family event, once or twice a year. We would clear a space in the living room and gather round - I remember the anticipation as a clear rectangle of light projected onto the wall and the joy as Dad pressed the button and the first memory came into focus. We would laugh, reminisce and enjoy the nostalgia that photography can bring on in floods. Amongst all the family snaps Dad would have captured a landscape, a bird... we joked with him about why he would photograph such things, but something appealed to me in these photos back then.


I love the power of a still image and everything it can represent now, and the value it may have to those pictured further down the line.


My daughter is showing all the energy and creativity of a young soul, and was given her first camera at age 3. When she composes, captures and shares her photographs with me it brings me back to the essence and power of photography and the excitement I had as a young boy waiting to see the next photograph project on the wall of my family home...

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