Hello! & Grüezi!
I photograph all in the daily life as occasion arises. No style, no line - with a little surprise effect. Sometimes more, sometimes less - I also have to work in between ;-)
I'm not an artist of image editing and watch the life to catch the moment.

Mein flickr ist das tägliche Leben, wie eine Wundertüte - ich weiss selber nie was als nächstes kommt. Aber irgendwie macht es immer einen Sinn.

Please notice!
My account is safe, and also children come to look my photos.
So please don't comment, add me as a contact or one of my photos as your fave, if you have explicit nudity in your pictures or other faves. Erotic in bikini is ok.
There are people who do not have their own photos and only search for pictures with sexual and erotic content. Please come and look but do not more. That's also the reason, why some people are blocked by me.
Thank you!

Die Schweiz in flickr-Bildern
(Switzerland in flickr-pictures)

Switzerland in the eyes of the CIA

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March 2005
Switzerland (Rheintal SG, the border valley between Switzerland and Austria)
I am:
Male and Single
Part-time in Public Transport Rheintal SG