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Welcome to Switzerland backstage!


My Flickr is not all about beautiful photos. If it succeeds, so much the better. But it should look natural and not a gimmickry. It started very harmless. I photographed analogue until 2005 and had no digital camera when I heard the first time about Flickr. For a little money, I bought a small digital camera to test Flickr.

So I got used to having the camera with me in daily life and soon I had to have a better one. But it was not possible to do that with a large DSLR. Thank God, the small cameras were getting better and my pictures too.


Over time, I focused more on topics and content to give the photos more historical value. And in order that the photos are widely distributed to survive the times, most of them are released under Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY). Except with people in the foreground, as in portraits. My sense for the historical I probably inherited from my grandfather maternal. He was director of the museum in Rorschach and got the honorary citizenship for his work.


Here you can find things that you do not see elsewhere. I also collect not thousands of images in my favorites, but things that have a meaning to me. And I comment if I have something to say and not just Wow! Amazingly! Beautiful! To use social media functions to generate clicks is not my thing. I don't want to arouse too much attention with my photos. Thanks to all my followers, but please appreciate that I can not add all of you to my contacts. With more than about a hundred it becomes confusing for me. Who is interesting comes in, another is out.


Psst... when there are no geotags and not an accurate description, it may be that it is still under military secrecy. Perhaps these images will gain a historical significance not until later. When there are changes, I will correct it if possible (the army has blocked Flickr on their network).


Please notice!

My account is safe. I'm not a prude and think that nudity is something natural. The limits that I set for myself in Flickr are out of consideration for people with other morals and children. So please don't comment, add me as a contact or one of my photos as your fave, if you have explicit nudity in your pictures or other faves. Erotic in bikini is ok. There are people who do not have their own photos and only search for pictures with sexual and erotic content. Please come and look but do not more. That's also the reason, why some are blocked by me.


Thank you very much!


Vielen Dank auch an alle, die mich unterstützen Dinge zu dokumentieren die für die Nachwelt von Interesse sein könnten.


”Es wird jedoch eine Zeit kommen, da nichts von grösserem Interesse sein wird, als wahrhaftige Erinnerungen an die Vergangenheit. Walt Whitman”


Beware of trolls: The name 'Kecko' is used by me publicly since 2005 only in this account.

Contact for non-members: allisone(at)bluewin.ch

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En Conio says:

Kecko does an outstanding job of documenting unique aspects of Switzerland's modern history, and preserving this in a rapidly changing world that is sweeping many traditions aside.

April 4, 2018

Ein toller Fotograf mit sehr guten Bildern!

November 7, 2015