I am retired Air Force Ammo Troop.

I have been playing with photos and had a camera from when I first went into the Air Force in 1981. I remember some 110's and other types of camera's before that but never really had taken time to get to know how to take photos. I am still learning and want to learn more about edited photos. When digital camera's came out I was all for getting a point and shoot and enjoy the photos that I could get. I was cleaning up some of my items in storage and found my last 35mm which was a canon and the main lens was damaged but I think the 500mm will still work to find out I will need to find someone with a canon that it will work on or breakdown and get a nice canon which I would like to do.

I currently am using a Sony alpha 100 but would like to get a new camera but I am torn between getting a canon or staying with the Sony as I already have two lens that will work with the Sony.

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August 2008
West Jordan
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