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    Mafalda-Silva says:

    "Katherine is an inspiration to all, the light in her photos enchants me every time I visit her stream. Every day life just looks much brighter through her lens."

    2nd March, 2011

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    samuel pritzker says:

    "katherine and her work will mesmerize you."

    25th February, 2011

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    Honeyuck says:

    "prettypretty photography best paired with yummyyummy tea."

    22nd January, 2011

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    Andrew D Musson says:

    "Her photographs represent the simple, magical moments we see in life. The moments most people take for granted. Keep taking all those photos Katherine, you've got a fantastic eye for the ordinary."

    27th November, 2009

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    kara supeley says:

    "Katherine Squier. What a wonderful feeling her photographs give me. She makes speechless, stunned and that's really the greatest feeling a photographer can give me."

    19th November, 2009

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    wailintse says:

    "I love her photos, beautiful moments captured with honesty and sensibility"

    9th October, 2009

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    shiri lee webb says:

    "Her photographs are insanely good. KSquier is such a lovely person, you can really tell."

    8th September, 2009

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    Ana Cuba says:

    "have a nice trip Katherine, whereve you will go. I'm sure you'll come back with stunning pictures. I'm sure that if you would take pictures with a webcam, they would be as beautiful as if they were taken by a mamiya..."

    8th August, 2009

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    Violeta Niebla says:

    "a lump in my throat
    or goosebumps
    a storm in the middle of summer.
    just beautiful."

    16th July, 2009

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    bobby doherty says:

    "light finds her"

    6th May, 2009

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    Megan McIsaac. says:

    "everytime i see katherine in the recent uploads section i find myself going straight to her stream and favouriting her new photographs instantly. i don't find myself doing that with many other contacts, if any others at all. there is something so unique and calming about the way she sees things and i am incredibly anxious to see what she makes next."

    23rd April, 2009

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    jenerally speaking says:

    "the moments that matter"

    22nd April, 2009

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    zachary ayotte says:

    "what a lovely eye. and on film ;)
    i think she saved me a bit just now."

    3rd April, 2009

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    novalis on a motorbike says:

    "imaginative eye, hip style, and not too cool for school attitude."

    27th February, 2009

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    German Paley says:

    ""And if I lost my eyes, I would like to have Katherine's transplanted..." - love your vision ;)"

    5th February, 2009

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    malfríð says:

    "As former president Bush once said: "One of the great things about books is, sometimes there are some fantastic pictures.''

    those fantastic pictures are Katherine's."

    3rd February, 2009

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    browncardigan says:

    "The way Katherine sees, finds, and plays with light is remarkable. She has the ability to turn an ordinary scene into something delicate and magical simply by using (and changing) what is given to her. This capacity, I believe, puts her above most photographers out there."

    20th January, 2009

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    Chelzilla says:

    "ok before i go to bed today, i thought id leave you a nice juicy testimonial :)

    i envy you and the amazing work you do with film
    its just so inspiring and im glad to have clicked your little icon that led me to this incredible stream

    im really looking foward to more of your work ♥

    and i love that youre from austin! woo i love that city sososo much :D"

    8th January, 2009

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    ouououououououou says:

    "soooo muuuuch gooooood"

    3rd January, 2009

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    margaret durow says:

    "i like you a lot : )"

    28th December, 2008

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    iliveinoctober says:

    "i love your eyes.
    you're magic."

    15th December, 2008

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    b f a says:

    "the prettiest"

    26th November, 2008

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    Im only sleeping says:

    "holy crap her stream is soo freaking amazing
    its unbearable :)
    she makes something so simple into
    her own master piece and also
    shes super lovely,funny and so cool !
    and shes from Texas REPRESENT!
    plus we have a date whenever i get a chance to visit her lol

    24th November, 2008

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    aurora print says:

    "ah dreamlike world.
    I'm in love to Katherine's photographs."

    13th November, 2008

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    keithdavisyoung says:

    "Great photographer! It's true I have not met katherine either, even though we live in the same city and hate Walgreens."

    27th October, 2008

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    Borg Books says:

    "a beauty"

    22nd October, 2008

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    BIFRÖST says:

    "really lovely photos"

    21st October, 2008

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    JenniPenni says:

    "I really enjoy going through Katherine's photostream. She has a good eye for capturing simple things and compositions - a talent I always admire in photography. She seems like a wonderful girl and her pictures are always so refreshing!"

    7th September, 2008

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    Christian Pitschl says:

    "I love Katherine's photography! She's basically taking snapshots, but not the ones everybody could take: She always captures the right moments, has the right focus, an eye for the detail and a huge heart for the right atmosphere! And they're still snapshots in a way. What better combination is there? Wow."

    14th September, 2008

Katherine Squier
October 2007
Austin, USA