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A Taiwanese who enjoys releasing soul through daily photos .
I am Kate.

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    The Cannon with the Nikon says:

    "I do not personally know Kate... BUT I do love her work, I find it diverse, funky, artistic and talented. She is also a great model and her self portraits are wonderful (^^,) !! Maybe one day we shall get to meet each other, I love Taiwan and it's food and it would be nice to meet the artist face to face !"

    16th February, 2009

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    -[sixfoot.TW]- says:

    "南瓜小姐, 分享許多有趣的照片~ 散播歡樂!真是甜~哈哈"

    13th May, 2009

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    biggestfanpro says:

    "Kate is by far the coolest and most fun person on all of flickr. No one else comes close. She projects her personality and quirky fun attitude through her images so well that you feel you know her as a dear close friend even if you've never. A timeless beauty, we see so many sides of her - fun, sexy, goofy, sultry, and even dark - and love them all. I think this is as fine a complement as an artist can receive given the subject matter of her images.

    As an art teacher for young children you can see her inspiration in the amazing & imaginative pictures they produce at such a young age. What an impact she must have on their lives! She occasionally posts entertaining but sincere love letters she receives from her understandably enamoured prodigies. This is mine to her."

    27th May, 2009

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    jyryk58 says:

    "Kate is one of the most beautiful young ladies I've ever seen. And she is a wonderful photographer too and has an incredibly fantastic sense of humour (what is proved by many photos on her photostream). I like her photos, I love photos of her. And I'm selfishly hoping she will produce more and more great photos which always please my old tired eyes... :-)
    Thanks for sharing them, Kate... :-)"

    28th September, 2008

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    KlaireLee says:

    "Dear my Kate is a creative photographer. I read lots of stories on her photos. She is such a great storyteller."

    25th August, 2008

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    Berry Ng says:

    "Hei Girl, do you know, the style you taking photo to the model or everything are very relax; natural. I love it, Keep Going.."

    9th May, 2008

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    Andytn says:


    23rd April, 2008

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    Asian (Street) Impressions says:

    "Such a beautiful woman who blesses us daily by sharing images of her life and friends. She is filled with such joy, happyness - and her comments show someone who is truly caring, kind and sweet."

    31st March, 2008

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    Joe G says:

    "It is definitely rare to see such talent and such beauty in one person. Everybody is not born equal.

    A Japanese expression for you: "Saishoku-kenbi" 才色兼備!"

    19th September, 2007

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    Agclub says:

    "照片中生活 生活中照片.喜怒哀樂都在裡面...就是kate style 舒服自然非常喜歡 ^.^b"

    17th August, 2007

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    富ます says:

    "Pumpkin Chief: This is how we met.. I have a friend who lives in Tainan and Kate also happens to live in this small city. Kate has been my Flickr buddy for 4 or 5 months and every once and a while I comment on her talented pics. So planning on meting my friend I let Kate know I was coming to her city then we agreed to meet.

    I arrived in Tainan after a 2 day stay in Taipei and after some lost communication she picked me up for a "date" at the night market with her friends, but there is a twist before this part.... that day while I was busy internet cafe searching my lost emails and other messages for her phone number we were unknowingly in the same room, from what I gather she didn't get my call and then decided to go to the book shop and read a little. At the same time I was in the same book shop using the computer looking for her phone number, she says she was in the reading booth across from my computer. Later she told me she noticed a foreigner on the PC and thought it might be me but didn't check up.. I saw the peeking girl, but I would say that the last person I thought it was is Kate.. So I don't know what to say about this except what are the odds?!?!

    As for Kate Wu in person, amazingly beautiful... I can not put it any other way. Pictures of her are great, but wow what a beautiful woman in person. I spent 10 days in Taiwan and I am even going as far to say that she is the most attractive woman I saw during my stay.

    I'm disappointed that I was only able to meet her once, seems we had conflicting schedules but she is defiantly an interesting person, funny, pretty much what you expect for her photo stream. I'm glad I got the opportunity to meet her. - Tommy"

    8th June, 2007

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    windshadows says:

    "Kate is one of my two favorite people on Flickr. She brings a gentle beauty, an artist's eye, a hilarious love of life and the big heart of the teacher she is to her gallery.

    I might arrive at my office upset with the traffic, with work, with home... After I've looked at Kate and PP's latest, I'm sitting there grinning...

    Were I not an old, married man (old and married being the operative words!) I would offer my heart in an instant! She has a vivacity, a love of life, that shines through all her photos!

    Live, love, laugh and teach: That's our Kate in a nutshell! ;-)"

    6th November, 2006

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    Nico From Paris says:

    "Pumpkin Chief , it's a funny login name , she's a secret agent of art & fun company ?

    it's a big pleasure to me write a little testimonial about my flickr friend Pumpkin Chief :)

    She's fun
    She's creative
    She's beautifull
    She's a artist

    She have a special magic to show beautifull pictures and the "touch of Pumpkin Chief" is unique.

    Enjoy the photostream of Pumpkin Chief . your life will be better after ..."

    30th August, 2006

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    Pahud says:


    15th April, 2006

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    Wm Jas says:

    "Beautiful, consistently interesting pictures. This is a photostream worth watching."

    16th March, 2006

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    graymagic says:


    4th December, 2004

November 2004
I am:
Female and Taken
A cheap laborer sells youth for kids.