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I like: a clean house, baby laughter, balloons, being left-handed, blowing bubbles, blue pens, boat rides, chai tea, chapstick, children's books, clean socks, climbing trees, clouds, cuddling, dad's pancakes, down comforters, drawing, fall and winter, forest paths, fresh bread and jam, german chocolate cake, getting mail, grandma's apple and lemon pies, grilled cheese sandwiches, hanging out with my family and friends, having lots of siblings, holding hands, hot chocolate, houseplants, illustration, kittens, ladybugs, laughing, leaves lions, malt-o-meal, mango lemonade, milk, mint chocolate chip ice cream, movies, mudpie from TJ's, music, new notebooks, oranges, pizza, poetry, rain!, reading books, riding bikes, rollerblading, sharp pencils, singing, sleeping in, spaghetti, stickers, strawberries, sunsets, sweatshirts, taking pictures, teddybears, the color blue, the freckles on my lips, the new-car smell, the number 9, tiramisu, toblerones, trees, tree swings, tuberose, UFO's from TJ's, ugg boots, walking, watching snow fall, wearing my wedding ring, whipped cream, yellow roses, zebra stripes

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April 2006
Dana Point
I am:
Female and Single